Cider Sunday - 2013 Cider Awards

I can't believe it's been a year since I attended the Australian Cider Awards.  Had I not been pregnant this year I would have been there again with bells on. I can't wait to attend the 2014 awards. 

A huge congratulations to Steve Dorman and the team at The Hills Cider Company who won the top prize ' Champion of Show', beating more than 160 other ciders  including entries from Europe and the UK.

Photo: The Food Mentalist
Photo: The Food Mentalist

In addition, they also took out the 'Champion Australian Perry' award. 

"I greatly appreciate the opportunity to accept this award on behalf of the Hills team, and thank them for all their hard work in achieving such great success. It is an exciting time for cider in Australia with many opportunities ahead of us" said Steve Dorman.
James Kendell, President of the Cider Australia Association, said that the 'Champion of Show' trophy was chosen by the judging panel for its pure fruit characters and aromas, interesting complexity and a clean finish.

``It was a fitting winner among a record field of quality entries in the annual event. Cider has seen unprecedented growth over the last few years and now we are starting to see the industry mature.  It is really rewarding to see the improvement in quality of Australian ciders and this was reflected by the significant increase in the number of medals awarded to Australian cider producers this year.’’ said Kendell.
Another of the shows judges, US cider expert Gary Awdey, was impressed with the quality on display. ``I was most impressed with the quality of the ciders entered and saw some strong correlations to where the US cider scene was only a few years ago.  There is every reason to expect that the gap will narrow quickly.  The best Australian ciders compare favourably with the best American ciders. I look forward to a future of friendly rivalry on the world stage’’ Mr Awdey said.

 Finalists for the top awards included:

Class 1 - Weidmann & Groh - Champagnarennette 2011 (Germany).

Class 1 - Red Sails - Dry Cider (Tasmania).

Class 2 - Weidmann & Groh - Trierer Weinapfel 2011 (Germany).

Class 3 - Artisanal de Normandie la Pommeraie - Cidre Doux (France).

Class 4 - Small Acres Cyder - The Cat's Pyjamas 2011 (New South Wales).

Class 4 - Cornouaille Manoir Kinkiz - Cidre (France).

Class 6 - The Hills Cider Company - Pear (South Australia).

Class 8 - St Ronan's - Pear Cider (Victoria).

Check out my review of The Hills Cider Company - Pear Cider here and my Pear Cider Muffin recipe using The Hills Cider Company's Pear Cider  here
The Australian Cider Festival, continues today at the Hotel Steyne in Manly from 1pm – 6pm, with 25 producers on display.
Hotel Steyne - Manly, Sydney

Address: 75 The Corso Manly, NSW 2095

Information source: Cider Australia


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