Cider Sunday - The Hills Cider Company - Pear Cider

Happy Cider Sunday Everyone!

I might also mention that today is April Fool's Day, so make sure you stay vigilant to avoid crazy hoaxes and jokes that your loved ones may present you with. When I was much younger and a little less wise I called my parents on the morning of April Fool's and told them I had accidentally chopped off the top of one of my fingers whilst I was cooking. Silly and mean, I know.

I digress.

This week's cider comes from The Hills Cider Company in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. And before I tell you all about it, turn off your computer, head to your nearest stockist and get yourself a few bottles of this one. It's brilliant!

Ok, welcome I'm assuming you have returned to your computer and have cracked open a bottle of this pear cider. Isn't it great?!

Not surprising, this pear cider won best pear cider at the 2011, Australia Cider Awards.

This golden cider is made solely with pears from the Adelaide Hills where the juice is extracted and the fermentation process begins the same day to ensure quality and freshness. It is made by The Hills Cider Company, a relative newcomer to the market - launching in 2010. The guys behind the name are Steve Dorman and Tobias Kline who spent several years perfecting their craft prior to launching it onto the Australian market.

The first thing you notice when you open a bottle of this cider is that it has an almost heavenly aroma - fresh pears and floral notes dominate. It has a lovely balanced sweetness and a drying finish. It has a very fine carbonation which I love and it's incredibly moreish. I finished a bottle in no time.

I love the fact that this cider does not contain any concentrates, sugar, water or extra flavour - it remains 100% Australian pears.

At 5% alcohol, a 330ml bottle will provide you with 1.3 standard drinks.

Incredibly refreshing, this one will pair very well with seafood, chicken and pork dishes. I enjoyed mine with a Pear Cider Muffin which I made using some of this cider yesterday.

This alluring cider is definitely one to watch. It is by far the best pear cider I have sampled. I can't wait to get my hands on their apple variety.

Enjoy x

The Food Mentalist purchased The Hills Cider Company at The Oak Barrel, Sydney

Stayed tuned for price & stockist updates...


  1. I just LOVE pear cider! This one sounds amazing. And I love that you used it to cook with! So clever!

  2. Oh I'm near where this cider was made (sort of!). It sounds like a goody! Alluring indeed!

  3. So glad you found this one, Erin - it's one of my favourites and a local treat for us hills dwellers. Not too sweet and just perfect with a creamy blue cheese!

  4. I think it's a bit more of an acquired taste? I found it a little sweet and ask me, I'll tell you that I much prefer a proper lager, but if I really had to get Adelaide cider from The Hills, it'll be the apple sort instead!


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