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Erin Wright is The Food Mentalist, a food and lifestyle blogger who has recently relocated from Sydney to Canberra.

Erin is a qualified Investigator, holds a Masters in Criminology and is currently completing a Masters in Journalism - and is dedicated to investigating the effects of certain foods on our health and wellbeing. 

Erin started cooking the age of 7 years old when her Nana enrolled her in a cooking class for children during the school holidays. Food Technology was her favourite subject at school which inspired her to continue her passion for cooking. Erin enrolled in a part time TAFE course when she was 15 and completed her first certificate in cookery to become a chef. 

After a few twists and turns she continued at school and finished year 12 before heading to university and working in the food industry for several years, where, she met some great chefs and made some fantastic friends. 

Erin's career has since taken a different path but her love for food and cooking continues.

Cooking and Recipes
The Food Mentalist has a new focus and recipes include favourites without gluten, grains or dairy. This new focus is great for those that follow Gluten-Free, Paleo, and Primal lifestyles. 

If you would like to feature a particular recipe on The Food Mentalist, please contact Erin via email.

Product and Restaurant Reviews/Competitions
The Food Mentalist accepts invitations to media events and products for review providing they match the focus of The Food Mentalist. Reviews will be honest, fully disclosed to readers and will not be influenced by the acceptance of said invitation or product.

Food-related 'loan' products will not be considered for hygiene reasons.

The Food Mentalist is happy to offer competitions to readers providing it fits the profile of the blog. If you are interested in offering your product for a competition email Erin to discuss further details.

Feature Articles
The Food Mentalist is available to write feature articles for food,kid friendly products, travel and art related content and has written such articles for a variety of sources including news.com.au, Hamilton Island Tourism, Sydney Fringe Festival & Sprout Magazine. 

For examples please check the features sections on the homepage of this site or contact Erin via ( thefoodmentalist [at] gmail [dot]com).

The Food Mentalist chooses to not display banner type advertising on the site at this time. For other advertising opportunities please contact Erin via email.

Copyright and Disclaimer
The Food Mentalist is licensed under a Creative Commons License. For further details click here 

All opinions expressed on this site are that of The Food Mentalist and are made in good faith. Feel free to challenge any opinions in the comments section of each blog post. However, The Food Mentalist reserves the right to delete any (rude, abusive or anonymous) comment.

Thanks for stopping by.

Erin x


  1. Hi Erin,

    Has Max matured in his food over the years? and, do cats get sick of eating the same food again and again?

    I'm enjoying reading your blog. I don't know how you were at the beginning with food photography, but your last couple of posts have brilliant images!

  2. Hi Ayden,
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes I think a cats palate does change as they mature. Max's certainly has!
    Thanks for your kind comments, glad you are enjoying the blog xx

  3. Hello there, great to see you block, the lychee ice blocks look fantastic. I'm started a Year of Cooking in 2012, have much room for improvement!

  4. Thanks for your comment Seana. Great to see you here :)

  5. Hey there, I stumbled upon your blog last year looking at you pork and cider combo recommendations that were very well received here I continued perusing your fine blog for some months to follow (as the whimsy called).
    I find my self back here looking for a strawberry cider or strawberry champagne recipe to make from scratch (hopefully fermented) rather than adding in store bought champagne. I'd love to give this a crack if you have any advice or ideas. Obv lots of strawbs in season here right now in this weather. I have a few kilos that I'd like to do something a little bit amazing with if you have any ideas for this ambitious amateur.

  6. Hi TheN3WBlack - do you have an email address I can reach you on?


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