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  1. Hi Erin, love your little blog! I have added you to my 'blogs I love'. Hope this is okay. Take care!

  2. I noticed you on a blog for "Not Yo Mommas, Banana Pudding" This is something that I have had quite often, You were looking for something that is like "Nilla Wafers" The original recipe calls for "Pepridge Farm Chessmen" cookies, IF you do not have these in Australia All you have to use to substitute is any shortbread cookie. Here is the link to the original recipe. However I find that cool whip makes it rather sweet so my mother and I use heavy whipping cream (Unsweetened) after making it into whipped cream we fold it in as you would the whipped cream. I hope this helps you.

  3. Hi Erin,

    We're launching our new Hillbilly cider made from Bilpin apples tomorrow Sun 23rd at Marrickville market, Addison road. Pete tried our last cider there a while ago. or
    Love to see what you think
    Cheers Shane and Tessa Mclaughlin

  4. This is fantastic what you are doing, I am helping find some great ciders for my father's liquor store and you seem to have tried a lot of them.


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