Paleo Friendly Recipes

Paleo Mushroom Salad

Healthy Desserts & Treats
Choc-Banana Pops
Vanilla Chia Pudding w/ Maca Caramel & Macadamia Crumbs
Cubania Coffee Jelly Cubes

Cakes, Slices & Balls
Lucky Paleo Banana Bread
Citrus and Honey Olive Oil Cake
Healthy Chocolate Crackle (Balls)
Raw Gingerbread Bites

Sides and Dressings
Cashew Mustard Dressing
Caramelised Pumpkin w/ Basil & Olives

Pre-Paleo Recipes

Kiwi Apple Cider Fizz
Custard Apple Shake

Breakfast Foods
Eggy Crumpets w/ Bacon and Maple Syrup
Macadamia Praline Bread & Butter Pudding
Best Ever Pancakes with Easy Raspberry Sauce

Biscuits , Cookies & Slices
Espresso Chocolate Chip Shortbread
Anzac Heart Biscuits
World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie
Christmas Vanilla Bean Shortbread
Golden Anzac Slice
Chocolate Cornflake Cookies

Lemon Pound Cake
Sponge Cake w/ Passionfruit Icing
Healthy Chocolate Cake
Sour Cream & Coffee Walnut Cakes
Twilight Cake
The Best Banana Cake 'In the World'
Burnt Sugar Bundt Cake
Layered Easter Chocolate Cake
Middle Eastern Orange and Almond Cakes ( Gluten Free)

Cooking with Cider 
Pear Cider Muffins
Spiced Cider Poached Pears
Warming Mulled Cider

My Top 10 Cupcakes
Luscious Carrot and Cardamom Cupcakes

Dessert and Other Sweets
Black Sticky Rice & Caramelised Coconut Pudding
Lychee, Coconut & Raspberry Pops
Chargrilled Pineapple w/ Coconut Caramel Sauce
Delicious Blueberry Sauce
Chocolate Ganache
Mango Lime Sago
Nigella's Flourless Chocolate Brownies ( Gluten Free)
French Prune and Pear Tart
Red Bean and Coconut Jelly
Rice Pudding w/ Caramel Peaches
Strawberry Shortcake Pizza
Tofu w/ Lime and Lemongrass Syrup
Baked Hazelnut Custard with Lime Sugar
Strawberry Tart w/ Basil Cream

Barbecued Mushroom & Haloumi Burgers
Beef Tagine
Grilled Loin of Lamb with Ratatouille & Tapenade

Jamie Oliver's Mac Cheese
Tuscan Pasta w/ Tomato Basil Cream
Tuna Rigatoni
Gnudi - Spinach & Ricotta Dumplings
Smart Tuna Pasta

Chicken in Chestnut Sauce
Bill Granger's Lemon Chicken

Jamie Oliver's Moorish Crunch Salad
Asian-Style Turkey Salad

Savoury Baking
Super Easy Zucchini Slice
Feta, Basil & Sun-dried Tomato Quiche

Gourmet Prawn and Pesto Pizza

Classic French Onion Soup


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