Cider Sunday - The Hills Cider Company - Apple

Happy Cider Sunday!

This week's cider is the brother of The Hills Cider Company Pear Cider which I reviewed in April. This one is also made from 100% fruit, from apples which have been sourced from the Adelaide Hills.

A well balanced sweetness is met with slightly tart acidic notes which I really like. It is lightly carbonated which I prefer as doesn't dominate the cider like it can in other ciders. I can taste hints of lime and it has a nice dry finish.

This one will pair very well with a marinated pork roast, lots of salty crunchy crackling and crisp roasted root vegetables and potatoes.Yum!

It would also go well in baked goods like my pear cider muffins. Find the recipe here

At 5%, a 330ml bottle will provide you with 1.3 standard drinks.

The Food Mentalist purchased the Hills Cider Company Apple Cider from The Sackville Hotel Bottle Shop in Rozelle. You can also purchase it online at The Oak Barrel


  1. I haven't tried this brand of cider before, my boyfriend loves cider and beers, wonder if he has..I only recently got into the whole cider/beer thing actually, but I'm loving it!

  2. I love how crystal clear this cider is. I would definitely try this with some roast pork...mmmm.

  3. Oooh, yeah. I had me a glass of this - and their pear cider - at Tasting Australia a few weeks ago. My first taste of cider in years & years. Wonderful stuff!


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