cider sunday - Two ELK Apple Cider

Happy Cider Sunday!

I am finally back from the Northern Territory and those of you who read last week's Cider Sunday post would know that I went Croc Jumping on the Adelaide River. It was an awesome experience and I have a few pics to share with you all and a post on it's way. But first things first!

This week's cider is one I came across on Friday night. It's called Two Elk and it's my new favourite. This comes as no surprise either, as it's from Sweden. Some of you may recall my review of Herrljunga +46 Apple Cider in early November. This one is very similar but I would have to say it's even better!

It is marketed as a traditional Swedish cider and it's brewed using the purest Swedish springwater and uses only natural ingredients.It has a very crisp and fresh taste with a clean finish. It's colour is practically clear and its sweetness is perfectly balanced.

White Breasted Sea Eagle -  Adelaide River, NT
In my opinion, this cider is just divine!

Two Elk Apple Cider is extremely thirst quenching and goes down way too easy!

This one will pair with just about anything. It's flavour is not overpowering and it works well with summer salads, seafood and barbequed meats. A fruity dessert will also pair very well.

Croc Jumping - Adelaide River NT
At 4.5% alcohol, a 330ml bottle provides 1.2 standard drinks.

Make sure you try this one - its delicious!

As the Swedes say, SKAL! , it means cheers!

TWO ELK - Apple Cider
RRP $4.50 per 330ml bottle or $14.99 per pack of 4.
Available at all good bottle shops.

The Food Mentalist purchased TWO ELK @ The Sackville Hotel Bottle Shop in Rozelle.


  1. LOL, you saw the big fella too, I see! Love Cider, looking forward to having some nice fruit cider on xmas day. Keep the great posts coming!

  2. Lizzy, we didn't get to see the big guy called 'stumpy' in that part of the Adelaide river but the ones we did see were pretty big. It was an awesome experience I would definitely do again if I went back. Christmas is perfect for cider drinking as are most summer days :)

  3. I had this one this weekend. I bought 6 to try and it came in a close 2nd. :) Over ice with a lime wedge. Nom.

  4. Gotta love a good cider and agreed- goes real well with meat! It breaks down the fat

  5. Hey Cass - What's your number 1? Lime would be nice , I might try it.

    Adrian - agree totally re cutting through the fat, it helps cut through the richness of the meat. Yum!


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