With over 1 billion disposable coffee cups clogging up our environment every year, its really important for us to embrace an alternative...and Fast.

Well hello there Uppercup.

Designed by baristas for those of us who love our coffee, these beauties are designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Made from high quality BPA & BPS free Eastman Tritan Copolyester plastic they won't retain nasty odours or stains. They are also dishwasher friendly which makes it easy to clean at the end my day.

The Uppercup is double insulated to keep our fingers cool and our coffee nice and hot and it can also be written on when taken to your favourite cafe. 

I must admit, I haven't had the best luck with similar products in the past because they always leak. But I can say after testing the Uppercup for a number of weeks now - its lid is secure, it stays put and I haven't had any nasty spills. I love it.

The Uppercup comes in two sizes :

237ml for $22.00 RRP


335ml for $25.00 RRP

and is available at http://www.321water.com


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