Halloween Fun

I am super excited as I am about to spend my first Halloween in the U.S.A. Its going to be ghastly and ghoulish and so much fun.

To help get me into the spirit I have been decorating at home. Here are a few fun ideas that you too can create at home. It's especially fun for the kids.

The team at Carnival Cruises have come up with a fantastic array of Halloween decorations ' to die for'. My favourite is this table centre piece - its super easy to replicate by simply cutting spooky shapes and critters out of black cardboard. You can pick up some up at your local newsagent or Officeworks. 

And who doesn't love a lolly snake or two?!

Image source: Carnival Cruises

If you are like me and think carving pumpkins looks too hard (and dangerous) why not try this great Halloween inspired idea instead...

Image source: HGTV
Paint the pumpkin black, add cardboard ears which you can secure with blu-tack, some white & black paint for the eyes and pipe cleaners  or similar for the cat's whiskers. 

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

My local $2 shop has bags and bags of Halloween cobweb. Add some to an old upside-down umbrella, twist around furniture or place around objects on your dining table for that spooky web look. Add a few plastic spiders and critters for some extra spooky fun.

Have a great Halloween everyone. Stay in touch via Instagram for my latest Halloween adventures.


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