Flashback Friday - Holiday

This week's Kidspot Flashback Friday theme is Holiday. 

When I asked Mum for an old holiday snap she gave me this one. It was taken next to the river at Evans Head in Northern New South Wales. 

Evans Head is located on the north coast of New South Wales not far from Ballina and Byron Bay.

We would holiday there every year as my grandparents have a holiday place there at the Silver Sands Caravan Park. 

Fond memories include the holiday kids club, the milk truck whose horn sounded like a cow, eating ice cream, swimming at the river and beach and of course the occasional pink hat.

Fun times!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Friday.


  1. The Silver Sands Caravan Park? Amaze. That sounds idyllic! Esp the bit with the cow horn!

  2. Go there every year. The Caravan Park now has a high fence around it and a keypad gate at each end to stop casual walkers from heading through to the Kiosk on the river. Top spot to relax and unwind...

  3. Aww what a cutie! I love your pretty hat :)

  4. That is gorgeous! Evans Head is such a beautiful spot. Lovely memories for you xx


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