Healthy Nutella Wrap w/ Banana & Pepitas

I absolutely love Nutella, but often can't be trusted with it - (insert image of me with a jar and spoon). Yes, well in the interest of health and a new campaign by Nutella #newwayswithnutella I decided to create a healthy wrap with this delectable spread to help me get through the afternoon slump and give me that much needed energy boost. 

Healthy Nutella Wrap
w/ Banana & Pepitas

This wrap uses Mountain Bread which provides the perfect filling base without giving you that heavy weighed down feeling other wraps can. The banana has long been celebrated as the perfect Nutella pairing and the pepitas provide a lovely crunch and are full of iron, protein and fibre. Yum. 

1/2  banana sliced
1x piece of Mountain bread of your choice. I often buy the Rice or Oat varieties.
1 Tbs pepitas 

To make
Spread one piece of Mountain Bread with about 1 tbs of Nutella ( or more if you prefer), arrange the slice banana, sprinkle the pepitas. 

Roll it up.

Eat it up.


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