Cider Sunday - Pagan Pear Cider - Tasmania

Promoted as a whole fruit cider, the team at Pagan Cider use fruit sourced from Lucaston Park - fourth-generation orchardists in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. 

Pagan Pear Cider @ Mt Wellington, Hobart

The Huon Valley has long been celebrated for its high quality fruit, particularly apples, and blessed with the cleanest air in the world, fantastic weather and rich soil makes Tasmania the perfect cider producing region. 

Made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency, this real ( non-pasteurised) cider has no added sugar which allows the natural fruit sugars to sing. It's ultimately a fusion cider made using pear and crisp apples. 

Upon pouring I notice it has a lovely clear pale straw colour with just the right amount of fine carbonation. Lovely soft pear aromas fill the glass - Gee this is good! A perfect balance of sweetness and acidity allows this cider to really shine. It is definitely one of the best pear ciders I have tasted in a very long time. When discussing this cider with Pete all you could hear was "Mmmm" and "wow". Incredibly refreshing and crisp with a nice dry finish, this cider won't last long in your fridge. 

Serve on its own without ice to enjoy the subtleties of this delicious cider. Will pair well with white meats, fresh salads, fruit and a nice cheese platter.

This cider also took out the Bronze medal award at the 2013 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, adding further testament to its quality and taste. I must look up the other winners because based on just this one tasting it is definitely worthy of gold.

At 4.5%, a 330ml bottle will provide you with 1.2 standard drinks.

To purchase Pagan Cider check out their Facebook page here or email

The Food Mentalist purchased Pagan Pear Cider during a recent trip to Hobart, Tasmania.


  1. Great post Erin... I sent this to Peter (I always forward them to him, as he likes cider). He said 'That girl sure must drink a lot of cider'.
    : )

  2. Lorraine not Quite NigellaMarch 16, 2014 at 10:33 PM

    If you were wowed it must be good! :) we know ow many ciders you have tasted!


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