Cider Sunday - Sidra Del Verano - Apple, Blackcurrant & Cranberry Cider

This week's cider is made in the Basque region of Spain by the Soroa Family - Fifth generation cider makers.

Get ready for a sugar rush with this one - Tasting more like an RTD than a traditional cider, this one is easy to drink if you love sweet alcoholic drinks. 

Sweet sticky berry aromas and flavours blend to make a very sweet soda-style drink.With medium carbonation and only a slight acidic finish due to the cranberry this cider is definitely lacking complexity.

This cider will definitely appeal to those looking for something sweet to finish off a meal and would perhaps be best served as a dessert rather than a drink paired with a main meal.

At 4.0% alcohol, a 500ml bottle will provide you with 1.6 standard drinks. 

The Food Mentalist purchased Verano at Dan Murphy's for $6.90 (500ml bottle). Also available in a carton of 12 for $59.90.


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