Cider Sunday - Darkes Cider Howler

This week's cider has a personal connection - It comes from a part of NSW where my Mother's family grew up. My uncle and a family friend actually worked at the Glenburnie Orchard picking fruit for owner Ted Fahey as kids in the 1960's.

A fourth generation orchard, the Glenburnie orchard is located 30km north of Wollongong in Darkes Forest. Now run by Joanne Fahey and her husband Glen, visitors can actually pick their own fruit and purchase a range of local produce and condiments. 

Resident cider dog Stevie is the inspiration for the name Howler and he features on the label. 

A crisp and refreshing cider that pours to reveal a pale straw colour with delicate carbonation. Made using 100% fruit - a combination of Delicious, Pink Lady, Jonathan and Granny Smith give this cider a lovely sweetness. The sweetness is balanced by the tannins created by apple skins deliberately included in the process. Joanne Fahey says this gives the cider a 'bit of bite'.

To make this cider, Joanne and Glen enlisted the services of Eling Forest Winemaker Services. The quality is evident thanks to the talented Jeff and his team who are also known for the amazing Dcider and were the first to introduce us to The Apple Thief cider.

This cider will pair really well with spicy flavours. A nice szechuan or chilli basil stirfry come to mind.

At 4.5% alcohol, a 330ml bottle will provide 1.2 standard drinks.

Darkes Cider - Howler can be purchased direct at Glenburnie Orchard or online through Farmhouse Direct here

Glenburie Orchard
259 Darkes Forest Rd 
Darkes Forest NSW 2508. 
T: (02) 4294 3421. 
M: 0407 921 709


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