Cider Sunday - Kirin Cider - Fuji Apple

After witnessing a recent active social media marketing campaign for Kirin cider I was keen to get my hands on some. As part of their campaign, Kirin also engaged typographer Gemma O’Brien to hand paint bespoke advertising displays for a targeted ATL Outdoor campaign featuring numerous locations in urban areas around Australia, from Fitzroy, VIC to Redfern, NSW. 

Despite its Japanese themed branding and flavour profiles you may be surprised to know that this cider is not an import but a home grown cider brewed by the Lion, the makers of Tooheys 5 Seeds in Sydney. 

Made under licence for Kirin Brewery in Japan, the range was developed in association with Kirin Japan’s renowned Master Blender, Hideaki Kito. The range features four ciders infused with Japanese inspired flavours - Fuji, Fuji & Ginger, Fuji & Umi and Fuji & Mikan.

I decided to start with the plain Fuji apple which according to the label on the bottle consists of "Premium Cider infused with a hint of refreshingly crisp Fuji Apple".  I am rather intrigued as to what type of apple makes up the majority of this cider. 

A pale straw coloured cider that pours quite heady but settles fairly quickly. The first thing I notice on trying this cider is that it is has a fair amount of carbonation, is quite yeasty and acidic. I do like the fact that its not super sweet and I don't mind the zing and crisp finish it provides.

This cider would be best paired with spicy food, a good curry or stir fry would work really well. Alternatively, you could try it with your next sushi platter perhaps?

At $8.00 per 500ml bottle - the price point for this cider really intrigues me. I can't help but think the price would be more suited to a genuine imported cider rather than something made locally.

On the lighter side in terms of strength (4% alcohol), a 500ml bottle will provide you with 1.6 standard drinks.

The Food Mentalist purchased Kirin Apple Cider at Vintage Cellars for $8.00


  1. I'm always on the look for not-too-sweet ciders, this one sounds great.


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