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Having lived in our home for nearly five years now I am ashamed to admit that we have only cleaned our oven once. I am very anti-chemical so when I say we, I actually mean Pete.  My recollection of it was that it involved a can of very harsh strong smelling foamy chemical, took a long time, involved a lot of 'elbow' grease and I remember the astringent odour we had to endure for several weeks after it was done. 

Hence, once in five years.

You can therefore imagine how happy I was to hear from the Sydney team at Oven Express who believe in healthy 'green' living and offer eco-friendly, non-toxic and fume free cleaning services. I was equally happy to hear that the products used are safe for people who suffer allergies like asthma and are safe for children, pregnant women and the elderly. 

The Technical - What we had done:

Oven Detailing Service - Cost $160

  • Removal and cleaning of oven door, racks and side holders using premium quality, eco-friendly and non-toxic oven cleaner agents;
  • Complete cleaning of the control knobs, door and side panelling - prime areas where fat, oil and other leftovers have accumulated;
  • Deep cleaning in the Oven Express van of oven racks, base and steel rack holders.

BEFORE ( *Cringe* - Insert embarrassed expression here )


What we thought:

  • Service technician arrived on time and was very professional and friendly;
  • Didn't notice any noise and the service didn't take hours;
  • Oven was left spotless looking like new;
  • LOVED the fact that no harsh chemicals were used;
  • No strong smells or residue;
  • Liked that steam is used to sanitise all parts after cleaning; and
  • We were able to use the oven that same night.

As you can see there is a significant improvement !

Oven Express operate across the Sydney region and offer a range of cleaning solutions for ovens, range hoods, bbq's, cooktops and microwaves.

Oven Express
Tel: 1800 325 773

Tell me, how long has it been since you cleaned your oven?

The Food Mentalist's oven was detailed compliments of Oven Express


  1. I cleaned my oven a couple of months ago, but it definitely did not look as good as that. Wow!

  2. That is AWESOME. I hate cleaning my oven.

  3. Been looking for something like this - sadly I'm in England! Got a bit excited when I saw the before and after shots :P As a landlord of a few properties I've always used cleaning companies, I used to use oven cleaner kent and oven cleaner birmingham which I'm happy to recommend, but now I'm in Newcastle, any suggestions? x


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