Cider Sunday - A Week in Review

Happy Cider Sunday Everyone. In this week's cider sunday news in review I was surprised to find Hospitality Magazine had used another one of my cider photos. It's the second occasion ( that I know of) where they have used one of my images without permission. Whilst flattered, it would have been nice to have been given the consulted and at the very least credited for it.


Calorie Showdown: 10 Cider Favourites - Popsugar Health & Fitness
Image: Popsugar
Cheers for cider as growth continues - Hospitality Magazine

Photo: The Food Mentalist


Cider Sales Rule - Herald Business

Dominic Rivard of Muwin Estate Wines tours his orchard near New Ross. In addition to wines, Rivard also makes Bulwark Original cider. (RYAN TAPLIN / Staff)

Nova Scotia makers of this refreshing apple tipple are seeing a surge in their market

Hard apple cider - Is it manly? - Fansided Online

Image: Fansided online

Are you a fellow blogger? If so have you encountered your images being used by others without credit? What is your view?


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