Cider Sunday - Ripe Apple Cider

Ripe Cider is bottled by Mountain Cider in the upper Hunter Valley of New South Wales, and produced by cider maker Ian Long. At this stage little is known about Ian Long, although the website tells us all will be revealed soon. 

A clear, refreshing drinkable cider with a strong yet balanced acidic structure, medium sweetness and a very fine almost non existent carbonation. With no complex structures or flavour profiles this one is a good standard, entry level cider that will appeal to most, particularly those new to drinking cider.

Made using 100% pure Australian crushed apples with no added sugar or concentrates, this cider also boasts a low carb profile with only 6.5 grams of carbohydrate per 330ml bottle.

Having recently changed their packaging the team at Ripe also appear to have engaged a brand ambassador - burlesque dancer and barmaid Aspen D Mayers which makes this cider marketing campaign different to most and brings with it a little vintage. According to the team at Ripe, you can follow Aspen's cider 'adventures' via social media. 

At 4.5 % a 330ml will provide you with 1.2 standard drinks.

A good cider to drink on the weekend and for those who are trying to watch their carb intake.

Available at most bottle shops.

The Food Mentalist purchased Ripe cider at Camperdown Cellars for $3.20 ( 330ml).


  1. Hehe she looks like the perfect ambassador for the cider! Love her look :)

  2. I can't find any Ripe Cider that isn't out of date! Does anyone know where there is any fresh product?


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