Cider Sunday - Cloudy Lobo Cider

The Adelaide Hills has managed to establish an excellent reputation for quality fruit and this week's cider sources takes full advantage of that fact.

A little different to most, Lobo cider is a cloudy style of cider. First, the apples are crushed and pressed before a yeast is added to help start the fermentation process. The cider is bottled unfiltered and therefore natural yeast and apple sediment is present.

If you are curious about the label, Lobo is actually Spanish for wolf. Interestingly, the guys from Lobo employed the talents of LA Illustrator Jason Holley to create the wolf character. 

Upon first pour, the cider has a nice earthy aroma and a fairly low amount of carbonation. The flavour and style is somewhat similar to a scrumpy - It is not overly sweet and the little sweetness it does have is balanced by a medium acidic structure.

Pete and I both enjoyed this one, it is easy to drink and its balanced sweetness allows you to drink several of these without feeling like you have just finished a lolly water binging session.

This one will pair well with grilled meats or seafood. 

At 5.7% alcohol, 330ml bottle will provide you with 1.5 standard drinks. 

Happy Mother's Day to those of you heading out today to celebrate with family or friends. Hope your day includes some nice refreshing cider.


  1. I really like that illustration! Perhaps it's because of its closeish resemblance to the three wolf moon tee?:P


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