Cider Sunday - Apple Pie w/ Hillbilly Cider & Dark Chocolate

Almost everyone loves a good apple pie. And, when it combines two of my favourite things: chocolate and apple cider you have my attention. This recipe belongs to Tessa from Hillbilly Cider and was featured on The Living Room - An Australian lifestyle show hosted by Australian journalist and media presenter Amanda Keller. 

Hillbilly Cider apple cider has delicate sweet apple flavours which reflect the ingredients - 100% whole crushed mountain apples including an apple named Julie, a previously unused cider making apple. The results speak for themselves. This is a good cider.

With no added sugar or concentrates the cider is unpasteurised and gluten free. The apples are sourced from Bilpin and crushed in Appledale near Orange, one of my favourite parts of NSW.

See my full review of Hillbilly cider here

Tessa from Hillbilly Cider happily shared her recipe with us for this week's Cider Sunday.

Enjoy x

Miguel from The Living Room and Hillbilly Cider's Tessa

Tessa’s Apple pie with Hillbilly Cider & Dark Chocolate

2 and ¼ cups plain flour
4 tbsp cocoa powder
150 g butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 egg
1-2 tbsp Hillbilly apple cider (as needed to bind the dough)

Approx. 12-15 apples sliced
1 tbsp cinnamon
¼ cup dark chocolate
50 g butter
4 tbsp Hillbilly apple cider

1. Combine crust ingredients to make crust and press into buttered pie dish  (9”). Put in  fridge for 30 mins.
2. Peel and slice apples, simmer with cinnamon, Hillbilly cider and butter until soft
3. Add chocolate and stir until melted.
4. Pour mixture into case
5. Roll out remaining dough and assemble lattice crust
6. Bake for 30-40 mins at 180 degrees until crust is crispy.

Serve with vanilla bean ice cream and an ice cold Hillbilly Apple Cider.


  1. Sounds delicious Erin. I'm grain free for six weeks or more, so will see if I can bake this when I'm better. Hope you are getting along well xo

  2. hehe what a cute name! And do you know I auditioned for The Living Room as they wanted an unknown but then I guess they decided that they'd go with someone more well known! :P


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