Cider Sunday - Vinaceous Forbidden Fruit Pear Cider

Pete brought this cider home for me to try and I instantly fell in love with the label and design, with phrases "Divine Temptation" and "Heaven on Earth" written around the label. I was also intrigued and excited about trying a new pear cider. 

With a tongue-in-cheek attitude which reminds me of Dr Pilkington's Miracle Cider the makers of this cider tell us this about Vinaceous:

"Society scuttlebutt & innuendo has it, that he is either the illegitimate son of a famous crowned head of Europe or a poor Romany gypsy boy, made good. His time working as a lion tamer, explorer & roustabout has equipped Vinaceous with a sharp wit & discerning eye (& nose) for beautiful wine & beauteous women"

The first cider for the Vinaceous brand who are known for making wines (with fantastic labels!!) sourced from vines across the Adelaide and Western Australian wine regions.

This one is made using pear juice concentrate which the makers claim is necessary to stabilise the liquid and prevent bacterial infection prior to the brewing process taking place. That said, the raw pear juice is sourced from delicious Manjimup pears in Western Australia.

A pale straw colour gives home to subtle pear aromas and flavour. This cider pours frothy, but settles clear pretty quickly. With a medium level of carbonation, this one is fairly easy to drink and should appeal to most. There are no complex structures to this cider and there is just a hint of dryness. The sweetness of this perry would prevent me from drinking too much, as I tend to prefer a drier less sweet pear cider. I shared this with Mum who really liked it. 

At 6.5% alcohol, this one packs a punch and is on average about 2% higher in alcohol content than most other ciders on the market. A 500ml bottle will provide you with 2.6 standard drinks. Whoah!
Serve this one chilled with or without ice. It will pair really well with strong spicy flavours which will help balance out the sweetness.

Vinaceous! Forbidden Fruit Pear Cider was purchased from The Sackville Hotel in Rozelle

Purchase this cider online here


  1. ive had a few nice apple and mixed berries cider but have yet to fins a nice pear cider, shall try this one out!

  2. Wow, that is quite a drink there! And I knew that Manjimup was known for truffles but didn't know they were for pears too! :)


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