Cider Sunday - Three Oaks Apple Cider w/ Cinnamon & Vanilla

Don't you just love Easter? I chose this week's cider because of the apparent spice factor, given that at this time of year many baked goods are churned out laden with cinnamon and other delicious spices. 

Yesterday Pete and I visited Adriano Zumbo's lab in Rozelle with the sole purpose of buying some hot cross buns. We arrived late and as expected many of his signature baked goods had already sold out, but given that we had gone there specifically to pick up some hot cross buns we were not disappointed. A large mobile rack filled with trays of hot cross buns greeted us upon entry.

Pete chose the chocolate version studded with rich dark choc chips and I stuck with the traditional which was full of spice and plump fruit including orange peel, a mandatory ingredient as far as I am concerned. 

This week's cider is a new extension from the team at Three Oaks Cider Co. Don't you just love the label?

With medium carbonation this cider is for those of you who do prefer a sweeter style of cider. It is not one I could drink a lot of, however, I really like the addition of the cinnamon and vanilla flavours and for this reason I can think of countless uses for it in the kitchen making desserts.

It has a fair amount of acidity, with clean zingy cinnamon flavours lingering toward the back of the palate.  

If drinking it on it's own, I would recommend you enjoy it after dinner with your favourite dessert.

At 4% alcohol, a 330ml bottle will provide you with one standard drink.

The Food Mentalist purchased Three Oaks Cider Co. Apple Cider w/ Cinnamon & Vanilla at Camperdown Cellars.

Hope you are all having a great Easter break.


  1. Oh I'm glad that you snagged the HCB you wanted! I would choose the fruit one too, I like chocolate but I really like classic hot cross buns :) Happy Easter to you and Pete!!

  2. Hi there! Did you ever use this cider for baking, or in a dessert? I have 3 bottles of the stuff left from a four pack, and am looking for inspiration to use them up. Don't get me wrong, I love a sweet cider, but this one was just waaaay to sweet for drinking. Thanks heaps!


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