Cider Sunday - Spikey Norman Apple & Pear Cider

During last year's Sydney Fringe Festival, Pete and I were transported to the whimsical world of Porphyria's Slumber - Annabelle McMillan's debut Sydney Fringe performance, held at the PACT Theatre:Centre for Emerging Artists in Sydney's Inner West suburb of Erskineville. It was here that Pete and I discovered this cider at the pop-up style bar in the courtyard.

From the 'House of Eliza' , aka the winemakers of Padthaway Estate in South Australia, this cider is a blend of both apple and pear varieties. Gorgeous apple and pear aromas are evident from first pour and with minimal bubbles, this cider is fairly smooth and refined on the palate, making it very easy to drink. Spikey Norman claims to have low sugar levels, however the blend of both apple and pear manages to provide a decent hit of sweetness to the cider. Refreshing and crisp, there is only a hint of acidity which lingers momentarily on the back of the palate.

It's a clever cider and a great choice for a hot day.

Serve as is, with or without ice.

At 5.8% a 330ml bottle will provide you with 1.5 standard drinks.

I absolutely love the label too. Tell me, does the design of the label influence your purchase?

The Food Mentalist purchased Spikey Norman from The Sackville Hotel, Rozelle


  1. The label definitely draws my eye towards things! That's a cute one and I'd imagine very different from other ciders too :)

  2. Ah, thanks! I had been racking my brain trying to remember the name of the cider that Padthaway Estate made. And in answer to your question, I like the saying that the label sells the first bottle, what's inside sells repeat bottles.

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