Cider Sunday - Johnny Arrow Dry Apple Cider (NZ)

Conditions are PERFECT, Where's Johnny?

When the sun is shining and conditions are, as they say perfect, what is one to do?

Well, the makers of Johnny Arrow suggest that when conditions are perfect you you grab a bottle of their popular cider. 

Makers of Montieth's Cider, DB Breweries in New Zealand have launched this fun new cider which appears to be targeted at the younger hipster demographic - as illustrated by the below picture which appears on their website.

Where's Johnny? ( Photo source - Johnny Arrow Website)

The first thing which captured my attention was the label which promotes 1/3 less sugar. I was skeptical, as the majority of ciders which promote such claims usually aren't worth buying. 

The result however is a well balanced, very drinkable apple cider. With a gorgeous golden hue, fine-medium carbonation and a slight apple tang this cider is very refreshing. 

Made using locally grown NZ fruit and fermented the natural way, I love the fact that it is not overly sweet and it finishes dry on the palate.

Whilst unusual for ciders, this one displays a nutritional panel on the back telling us that a 330ml bottle will provide us with:

  • 528KJ
  • 9.6 grams of carbs 
  • 8.6 grams of sugar 
A welcome change for those of us who enjoy our cider but are also trying to watch our waistlines, especially in the lead up to Christmas and the holiday period.

With 4.5% alcohol, a 330ml bottle of this cider will provide you with 1.2 standard drinks.

The Food Mentalist purchased Johnny Arrow in Queenstown, New Zealand. At this stage it doesn't appear to be available in Australia. But stay tuned...

For more information on Johnny Arrow - head to their Facebook Page here


  1. Hmm I'll definitely be keeping a look out for this one. Seems silly but the info on the back and the fact its less of a sweeter cider are the selling points for me. I find most apple ciders too sweet for my liking. Will look for this one in the future!

  2. Now that's interesting about less sugar but that it still tastes good too! :D

  3. It's my favorite!!! Ok now I'll have to go find it at local liquor shop!!


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