Cider Sunday - Wild Cider

This week's cider comes from the Central Otago region in New Zealand and is produced by boutique beverage company - Alpine Gold located at the foot of the Southern Alps in Cromwell.

Central Otago is renowned for it's award winning wines and fresh fruit so it's no wonder this cider claims to have captured the true essence of the region.

First thing I noticed about this one is it's slight yeasty aroma which told me that it was probably brewed in the bottle. I also noticed a speck of sediment rise to the top when I twisted off the lid. 

A very pale clear cider with fine carbonation, this one is not overly sweet which make for a nice change and is testament to the unique blend of Granny Smith and Cox's Orange apple varieties used in it's production. The overall flavour is subtle, there are no bold bursting flavours present - but this doesn't distract from the cider. It's welcome.

I wasn't surprised to discover that it is brewed and bottled the traditional way with production taking just over 6 weeks to complete.

A medium dry cider, this one is crisp refreshing and relatively smooth. This one is best enjoyed on it's own or with a nice cheese platter. It's subtle flavours would help balance out sweet dishes too.

At 5.5% this one is packs a bit of a punch. A 330ml bottle will provide you with 1.4 standard drinks.

My lavender came back to life 

What are you up to today? Tell me, have you tried any new ciders lately? I'd love to hear about them.

Max getting in on the action whilst I was taking the cider pics
The Food Mentalist purchased Wild Cider in New Zealand for $3.60 NZD per 330ml bottle.

To find out more about Wild Cider visit the Alpine Gold website here


  1. Today was a day of a lot of cooking-4 recipes! Eek, I'm tired now :P BTW love that picture of Max, he reminds me of my dearly departed Otto :)


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