Cider Sunday - Batlow Premium Cider

Happy Cider Sunday Everyone,

What a gorgeous day we have had here in Sydney today, a nice change from the wintry cold days before.

This week's cider - Batlow Premium Cider is one of the newest to hit the Australian market, launched by brothers Sam & Rich Coombes in October 2011. I was fortunate enough to meet Sam, and sample this cider yesterday at Camperdown Cellars in Sydney, when I popped in to stock up on new ciders to try. I must say I am very impressed by the concept of turning Australia's iconic Batlow Apple into a premium cider - Nice work guys!

Batlow, is located at the base of the Snowy Mountains, 450km west of Sydney. Apples are handpicked within a 30km radius of the Batlow Post Office and are transported to Victoria to a cidery where the apples are processed and the natural fermentation process begins. Before sampling this cider I was impressed to find out that it does not contain any concentrate or added sugar, and it's gluten free. I think most ciders are generally gluten free but it's nice to know that this one is guaranteed of the fact.

Upon pouring, it has a slight foamy head which quickly settles to reveal a clear pale golden cider with light to medium carbonation. It has a lovely balanced earthy sweetness and great acid structure that lingers and finishes fairly dry. It is crisp and very easy to drink, with fresh apple flavours coming through - I was also happy to note that each 330ml bottle contains about 3 1/2 crushed Batlow apples.

Pete is currently participating in Dry July and even though I tried my hardest to get his opinion on this one, he just wouldn't waver. Not to worry though, as this cider will definitely be a regular in our household - I know it's one that Pete will really enjoy too.

It definitely lives up to it's name, and I am sure we will see and hear more from these guys as it's popularity grows.

This cider will lend itself to most food pairings and it's medium-dry finish will complement foods including seafood, roast meats, and even fruity desserts. Why not try it instead of your usual white wine for something a little different.

At 5.2% alcohol, a 330ml bottle will provide you with 1.4 standard drinks.

For your local stockist click here and to find out more about this great cider check out their website @ 

The Food Mentalist purchased Batlow Premium Cider @ Camperdown Cellars
A pack of 4 (330ml) bottles - $14.99

What did you get up to today?


  1. I've tried this cider, it has great flavour! I also love that it's by Batlow apples.

    I must say though, knowing each bottle has 3.5 apples makes me realise just how full of (natural) sugar cider is. No wonder I feel pudgy the day after a few ;-)


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