Cider Sunday - 'Vintage Rain'

Dear Readers,

The Food Mentalist is currently out this weekend gathering a whole bunch of new ciders for you to enjoy.  

In the meantime check out my Facebook Page here for an amazing Apple Cider Bundt Cake recipe by the talented Isa from Post Punk Kitchen.

Hope you are having a great weekend and if in Sydney, are managing to stay out of this horrible wet weather. I absolutely love vintage things and these images of a wet Sydney from the 1930's makes me want to travel back in time - despite the rain!

Heavy Rain in the City - Sydney - 1935 - By Sam Hood
Martin Place - 1937 - By Sam Hood

Tune in next Sunday for new cider reviews.

Tell me, do you wish you could travel back in time? Which era would you visit?


  1. Stay dry lovely! I'm trying to do the same :D

  2. Traveling back in time is tough to choose unless you tell me how much money I have at that time. If it's a lot, then I want to go to one of those fancy banquets by a French king. :)

    Sun's out on the Sunshine Coast today. About time! Still, only going to be a top of 17 here today.


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