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A war has been waged. Celebrity chefs beware! Grill'd has recently introduced three new burgers to their already delicious range and they come without celebrity endorsement. In a fun new marketing campaign, the team at Grill'd believe that the quality of their burgers will speak for themselves sans endorsement.

“We’re committed to feeding the nation the Grill’d way so are shifting the focus back towards what’s important; the great taste of our burgers,” says founder and managing director of Grill’d Simon Crowe.

“From Tuesday, we’re calling on hungry guests to leave their cravats at the door and enjoy our new burgers. We understand that celebrity chefs can flambĂ©, julienne and souse-vide, but so what? The new range is made by our team from only the freshest ingredients. Put bluntly; they’re loved by the foodies, but made for you, and we guarantee you won’t leave hungry!” adds Crowe.

Pete and I recently sampled the the three new burgers Grill'd and were suitably impressed.

They are:

Goats Cheese & Hummus: Grilled 100% grass fed lean lamb, Meredith Dairy goats cheese, chermoula hummus & salad.

Hot Hombre: Grilled chicken breast, chilli black bean salsa, tasty cheese, avocado, tomato, Spanish onion & crispy tortilla chip (Our Favourite!!!).

Perfect Pear: Grilled chicken breast, poached pears, fig paste, avocado, Spanish onion, rocket & shaved parmesan.

Perfect Pear - (Pictured far right)
We also tried some of their thick cut chips which are sprinkled with a delicious herb mix and are incredibly moreish. I also love a good dip, so I couldn't help but try all three of the available dips: tomato relish, sweet chilli mayo and herbed mayo. They were all great and I favoured the sweet chilli mayo, whereas Pete preferred the tomato relish.

Let's face it, we all crave a good juicy burger from time to time. The problem being that so often it's hard to find somewhere that serves a great tasting quality burger, let alone somewhere that is licensed too! Grill'd Burgers aim to achieve this by maintaining a strong business model committed to quality and customer feedback.

The Grill'd philosophy is simple:

  • To deliver you a great tasting meal made from only the highest quality ingredients
  • That our ingredients are delivered daily to maximise freshness 
  • That our patties are full of flavour and super low in fat 
  • To take your feedback seriously 
  • Never to change our name to McGrill'd 

One of the things I really love about the Grill'd brand is that they are committed to giving back to the community. Each month Grill'd selects 3 local community groups to support and encourages each customer to get involved by giving them a token with each purchase - You simply deposit your token into the jar of your choice. At the end of each month the jar with the most token receives a $300 donation and the other two get $100 each. Love it!

Grill'd are located throughout Australia. Find your nearest store and check out their current menu here

Have you dined at Grill'd? Which burger did you enjoy?

The Food Mentalist & Pete dined as guests of Grill'd 


  1. HOw good does that goats cheese one look! yum :)
    i thought they didn't want bloggers ?

  2. Yes it was delicious!!

    It's all a bit of fun. They don't want or need celebrity endorsement :)

  3. Those burgers sound great! Funny signs on the burgers :)

  4. I thought it was ALL social media as well?

  5. It is all social media - I didn't like their following adv that said they "hate foodies"...I quite fancy their chips though.

  6. I got the voucher but have found Grill'd messages really mixed. Maybe they were being funny but it didn't sound like it until people pointed out that they had invited plenty of bloggers in the past. :)

  7. I am yet to try Grill'd but the current publicity doesn't make me want to run out and try a burger. Social media is social media. May try one when I am up in Coolangatta in a few weeks :)

  8. Loooove their sweet chilli mayo. It doesn't take much to convince my husband to get to a Grill'd for dinner but if they have new burgers to try I think it's definitely time to go back.

  9. I didn't take it so literally - I just thought it was a bit of fun and that it was their way of getting people to talk. It appears to have worked.

  10. I like the sound of the lamb burger. Glad they weren't serious about the "No Bloggers" campaign!


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