Cider Sunday - Small Acres Cyder - Appscato

This week's Cider is one of my favourites. It's another wonderful product from the team at Small Acres Cyder in Orange, NSW.

Appscato is, as the name suggests - an appley Moscato style drop.

It has intense apple flavours and gorgeous apple blossom aromas. It is naturally carbonated which gives it a very fine, almost unnoticeable frizzante. This one is fairly sweet and I love it because the sweetness comes from the dominant apple flavours, there is also a hint of tartness about it - similar to the bite associated with the pink lady apple variety. It has a very clean finish and is extremely easy to drink.

If you love your Moscato style wines like I do then you will absolutely love this product! It's unique and it tastes fantastic.

The Streets of Orange, NSW in Autumn
It is perfect served as an alternative to the traditional champagne breakfast, with brunch or with an indulgent dessert or cheese platter. It would also go very well with a fresh green salad topped with crumbled goats cheese or blue and candied walnuts - Yum!

On the side of the bottle reads an interesting tale that I wanted to share regarding Pomona:

Pomona was the Apple Mother, Goddess of fruit trees and Protectress of orchards. Roman banquets used to end with apples being eaten, as an invocation of her goodwill. Much ancient apple lore surrounds Pomona, but one that is still practiced today in fun, is 'apple peeling':

A woman would peel an apple, all the while being very careful to remove the skin in one long strip. She would then toss it over her left shoulder and the peel would land on the floor displaying the shape of the initial of the man she was destined to marry.

Coppin - Cider Dog @ Small Acres Cyder

Pippin - Cider Dog @ Small Acres Cyder

At 7% alcohol, a 750ml bottle will provide you with 4.2 standard drinks.

Appscato is available for $17.95 online at the Oak Barrel or contact Nick Butler @ Cogito Wines or on 0458 672 643 for local stockists.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday :)


  1. Dear Erin,

    I love Orange and it's growing food and wine culture. Most of the cool climate reds that I have tasted from Orange were great. Love the photo of the autumn leaves.

  2. Aww look at those gorgeous puppies! Can you tell that I'm puppy mad? :P

  3. Look at the Cider Dogs! Gorgeous! This cider sounds good... I'd like to bake with something like this.

  4. Chopin - totally agree, its a fantastic place. Pete and I dream of living there and opening a food related business one day :)
    Lorraine and SarahKate - I too am puppy mad and these two were just gorgeous!


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