Helm Bar & Bistro - Darling Harbour

Looking for a great spot to share a few delicious cocktails after work, or perhaps you are already counting the days until next weekend?

Sexy Saint Cocktail $18
Helm Bar at Darling Harbour have just launched their new cocktail menu and it's really... really good.

Helm Bar & Bistro is located on the Cockle Bay side of Darling Harbour, just alongside Sydney Aquarium.

Girlfriday and I have arrived to sample their new cocktail menu and before we put down our first cocktail, are already planning our next visit.  Bar manager Matt starts by asking us about our favourite cocktail and since it isn't quite lunch someone mentions one with coffee would be nice. Before too long, Matt has whipped us up a delicious Espresso Martini - it has just the right amount of sweetness, a good burst of freshly brewed coffee and a gentle alcoholic nudge of vanilla liqueur and vodka.

Espresso Martini $17
Next, we move on to tasting the Senorita Margarita - and as the description on the cocktail menu suggests this one is the perfect balance of sweet, sour and strong. I have never been a huge fan of margaritas however this one is different and I am quickly converted. The addition of St Germain Elderflower Liqueur and a splash of agave nectar gives this cocktail a delicious sweetness which we both love.

Matt, moves on to our next tasting - a Sexy Saint, and this one has a real kick - not so much in the alcoholic sense but through the addition of chilli. A nice play on words, the title obviously referring to the addition of St Germaine Elderflower Liqueur which is blended with lemon juice, honey and chilli.  Instantly, it reminds me that I must bring Pete here - he would love this one.
Ginny Hendrix $18
A Ginny Hendrix is our next introduction - a blend of Hendricks Gin, Aperol - an Italian aperitif, muddled cucumber, ruby red grapefruit juice, lime and sugar syrup. Bar Manager Matt refers to it as a 'great sunday arvo sipper' and he is spot on - it's easy to drink and has a wonderful blend of flavours. This cocktail is one good reason to look forward to Sunday's. Fortunately, it is served all week too :)

The makings of my favourite - Oriental Sweet Tart
Our final tasting is my favourite - Oriental Sweet Tart. Plymouth Gin, lychee and pear liqueurs and a squeeze of lime. Wow! It doesn't get much better than this.

We also sample some of the mouth-watering food on offer at Helm. The perfect accompaniment to Helm's great range of cocktails.

Delicious duck pancakes & antipasto
Chimichangas - Girlfriday's favourite!

Overall, we both thoroughly recommend Helm Bar & Bistro as the perfect spot to unwind after work or on the weekend for some amazing cocktails and food. Oh! and on Tuesday's they have a special $7 cocktail menu. However, if weekend's are more your thing, they have a great deal where you can get a kilo of fresh prawns for $25 and jugs of beer and cider for $13!

Let me repeat that last bit - a jug of cider for $13!!

Check out Helm Bar & Bistro on Facebook - and enter their 'Kinky Cocktail Competition' to receive a complimentary cocktail when you next visit.

Help name this cocktail - head to Helm on Facebook

Helm Bar & Bistro
Aquarium Wharf
Wharf Road,
Darling Harbour
Web: http://www.helmbar.com.au

Tell me, what is your favourite cocktail?

The Food Mentalist & Guest attended Helm Bar & Bistro as guests of Helm Bar & George @ Wasamedia


  1. I love the look of those duck pancakes and the chimichanga rounds! :)

  2. It really is a fantastic location. Nothing better than sipping awesome tasting cocktails by the water in Sydney :)

  3. Lol, Ginny Hendrix is an awesome name for a cocktail :P


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