Cider Sunday - Fog City Cloudy Cider

Happy Easter!

Hope you are all enjoying the Easter break with family and friends. Here in Sydney we have been blessed with some gorgeous warm sunny weather, although I may have spoken too soon as today is a little overcast.

This week's cider is made by East Ninth Brewing which is based in Victoria. It has an interesting story that goes a little something like this:

" East Ninth Brewing doesn't have a home. In an approach that harks back to simpler times, this setup finds places and ingredients as required a moves from region to region as time and circumstances demand. The latest offering, from an undisclosed location, is a cloudy cider made from all natural ingredients" ( East Ninth Brewing).

Very interesting indeed. The label on the bottle states that it was made in New Zealand. So perhaps, NZ is it's current home. What drew me to this cider was it's funky label. Designed by Mimi Yoon from LA, it exudes mystery and sensuality.

The original recipe is said to come from San Fran where "...inspired by the free movement of San Fransisco, Fog City Cider is an ode to a community who took from anyone's fruit trees and blended into a cloudy cider..." (East Ninth Brewing)

Made from a blend of pears and apples this cider is bitter-sweet and extremely unique. It is definitely a standout performer in the current cider market. Pete and I both really love this cider. The cider is, as the name suggests, cloudy. A delicious full flavoured quality cider with an interesting mouth feel and a slightly dry astringent finish. When Pete first tried it, he simply said "Wow". I was the same. 

This one is impressive.

Fog City Cloudy Cider is original and I believe, nothing else on the market comes close to matching it. It's really different. A must try for true cider lovers. This one will pair really well with lighter foods. A few savoury snacks, a large glass of ice, and a few bottles of this cider is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.


Please excuse my very poor photo, it was taken during Easter festivities yesterday and the lighting is terrible, I didn't realise until I got home and the bottle was long gone. Not too worry though, this one is sure to make a regular appearance at our place over the next few months so I will make sure I update this photo soon.

At 6% alcohol, a 500ml bottle will provide you with 2.4 standard drinks. And whilst this one is big enough to share, I can guarantee you won't want to - once you try it, you will want to keep it all to yourself!

The Food Mentalist purchased Fog City Cloudy Cider from The Oak Barrel, Sydney. For additional stockists in NSW click here

What did you get up to this Easter long weekend?


  1. What an eyecatching bottle indeed! I'm sure it really stands out on the shelf :) Happy Easter Erin! :D

  2. Hi Erin... Peter and I are really enjoying your cider posts, Peter especially. Thanks so much for sharing this information. Happy Easter oxoxox

  3. Lovely label on that bottle! I'd have bought that as well. Hope it tasted as good as it looked!


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