Cider Sunday - St Helier Apple Cider

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful night last night, did you make any New Year Resolutions?

Mine was to drink more cider! Just kidding... although it has become quite an enjoyable experience, I'm really enjoying reviewing different ciders on here. I hope you are too.

To start the year off I have a good 'hearty' cider for you all - St Helier Apple Cider.

This one is from the U.K and like many of the ciders I tried over there - it doesn't have much fizz. I'm told the Brit's like their cider flat and often at room temperature. Hmmm... well, not me. I tried this one with lots of ice.

This cider is a good standard pub type cider - it's good, strong and full flavoured. It has a beer-like aroma and Pete thinks it has wine-like characteristics. It is however, fairly sweet. Red apples and a hint of apple peel feature strongly. It has a crisp clean finish and at 5% it's the strongest cider (alcohol wise) that I have featured on The Food Mentalist.

St Helier is made by the Jersey Cider Company in the UK and marketed under the Intercontinental Brands Ltd banner.

Someone's tired
At 5% a 500ml bottle will give you 2 standard drinks.

Whilst it is not my favourite, I would have it again if I saw it out somewhere.

St Helier Apple Cider
RRP $5.90 per 500ml bottle
$54.90 per case of 12.


  1. Hi Erin, am forwarding your cider posts to my Peter now. He really enjoys them. Happy new year!

  2. The cider reviews are great! Keep up the good work :-)

  3. Hehe for a moment I misread the caption and I thought kitty had tried the cider! :P


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