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Happy Cider Sunday!

Greetings from Darwin. Yesterday I went Croc Jumping on the Adelaide River - home to between 6 and 7 thousand crocodiles. I was slightly apprehensive about the crocodiles, but survived. I have some great pics too, so stay tuned for an upcoming post on my adventures up here.

More importantly, this week's cider is another from New Zealand - an apple cider made in Nelson on the northern end of the South Island, famous for it's vibrant arts scene. With it's famed seafood and fruit, boutique shops, restaurants and cafe's it's no wonder this place is able to produce a good cider, and it's been doing so since 1947.

Darwin Sunrise

Rhyming with fruit, Old Mout Scrumpy Cider describes itself as the 'strong silent type' and it sure is strong. Made using a traditional recipe, it has strong apple tones and is very thirst quenching. It also has a strong alcohol content of 8%. A 330ml bottle will cost you 2.2 standard drinks.

With pale honey tones, this one is smooth to start but it finishes somewhat tart. Overall, it's a great cider and this one is Pete's favourite.

Darwin Street Art - Bird

Darwin Street Art 

This one will pair well with most barbecued meats, marinated ribs, sausages, steak.......M.E.A.T!
It will also go really well with some salted nuts, my favourites are cashews and macadamias.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, too bad we all have to head back to work tomorrow. In the meantime, have a cider!

Old Mout Scrumpy Cider ( Apple)
RRP $4.99 per 330ml bottle
$15.99 per pack of 4
$79.99 per case of 24


  1. Hi Erin, we had some srumpy cider yesterday. Must admit, it wasn't to my liking, but Peter enjoyed it. Great blogs!

  2. Hi :) yes I think it may be more of a man's cider. My Pete loves this one, great for the BBQ .

  3. Mm apple ciders are so lovely and this one sounds good-I love the name too! :P

  4. Didn't expect cider to pair well with BBQ meats, will try to get a bottle of two of this brand for my next barbie.

  5. I love the idea of your cider sunday's!!! I'm only relatively new to cider, but I tried some great ones at the Good Food Show recently so I'm keen to explore them more. Thanks for your Scrumpy recommendation. I will have to check it out :D

  6. I really enjoyed Darwin. I think it gets a bad rap in some aspects but the time I spent there made me want to stay a little longer. It's a lot like QLD, dare I say it, but with better food.

  7. Croc jumping! Scrumpy Cider! This post just kept getting better and better. Love to try new ciders, thanks for the review.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. Happy to hear you are enjoying Cider Sunday's :)


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