Cider Sunday - Coldstream Apple Cider

Happy Cider Sunday!

Can you believe we are only a week away from Christmas? Crazy!

Have you managed to get all your Christmas shopping done? Being the crazy planner and list maker that I am, I have managed to shop, wrap and tag all my Christmas presents ready for next Sunday. I am now officially on holidays and am really looking forward to our Tassie trip after Christmas.

During the next week, I will be crazily preparing and cooking ready for Sunday, as Pete and I are hosting Christmas at our place. Fingers crossed it all works out, I have a fun menu planned. One thing that we have already stocked up on ready for the big day is CIDER.

I chose an Aussie cider for this weeks edition of Cider Sunday : Coldstream Apple Cider.

I haven't noticed too many Aussie ones on the market so I thought it would be good choice. I must admit I was very sceptical at first because so far the Swedes appear to have cornered the market when it comes to exceptional cider. However, with this one I was pleasantly surprised. I actually really like this cider.

It's a refreshing drop made by Coldstream Brewery in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. The cider is made using local apples crushed using a 'rack and cloth' press method. It's also cold fermented and filtered too which helps make sure it keeps it's crisp apple flavour.

The cider itself is a pale golden colour and has a crisp apple flavour with a few spicy notes. As far as ciders go, this one is straight forward & simple apple cider. It has a nice apple flavour and balanced sweetness.

This cider will pair well with most summer foods, why not add a few bottles to your Christmas table?

A 330ml bottle of Coldstream Apple Cider equals 1.3 standard drinks at 5% alcohol.

Coldstream Apple Cider
RRP $3.50 per 330ml bottle or $16.90 per pack of 4.
$54.90 per case of 24.
Available at Dan Murphy's

I hope you have a great week and Christmas - Next Sunday, I have a special Christmas Cider for you all to try.


  1. Good work Erin


  2. just tasted that cider last night for the first time. Its Awesome!!


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