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Today is the perfect day to share a guest post with you all since I am currently travelling interstate and it's always hard to find good food in a new city. And, even as a Sydneysider, it's always good to hear about new ideas when it comes to finding great food in the fabulous city that is Sydney.

I would like to introduce you all to Kate Anderson from Delivery Hero. In this post Kate, shares her top suggestions for sampling great food in Sydney.

Ideas for finding great food in Sydney

Sometimes it's easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to eating out or buying produce in Sydney.  If you find a restaurant you love or supermarket that's convenient, it can be easy to fall into the hole of only frequenting the same places.  However, as we  live in one of the greatest foodie cities on earth, I think it's important to keep on exploring when it comes to all things culinary.  This doesn’t have to mean trying out expensive new restaurants or only shopping at pricey organic specialist shops.  There are plenty of options out there enabling you to expand your dietary horizons and put those taste buds to work!

Here's my top 5 suggestions for sampling some great food in Sydney:

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Head to your nearest Farmer's Market – There's some great fresh gourmet delicacies to be found at the local farmer's markets.  With an array of cheeses, meats and other fresh produce for sale, you're likely to find something you've not tried before, and all whilst supporting the local farmers.  Check out the markets at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park (Wed & Sat 10am -4 pm) or at the Good Living Growers Markets, Pyrmont Bay Park (1st Saturday of the month).

Sample the best of Sydney Fish Market -  It never fails to inspire me when it comes to obtaining new seafood ideas.  Get their (very) early to see the market in it's prime.  As well as buying some freshly caught fish, you can also try out fish and chips, sushi, chilli-crab and oysters at this foodie hub.  It's not all about fish though.  There's also a gourmet shop and fruit and vegetable stalls within the market. 

David Jones Food Halls – Old school, I know- but they are the original source of inspiration when it comes to discovering great food in Sydney.  There's everything from wines, hard to find international groceries, cheeses, fancy chocolates and a juice bar.  Find them at Bondi Junction and Market Street in the city centre.

Take a Trip to Fratelli Fresh  This Italian food market and provedore is one of the main suppliers to many of Sydney's best restaurants.  Head to their converted warehouse at 7 Dank Street, Waterloo, to find the finest vegetables, cheeses and pastas amongst many other ingredients.

Check out Chinatown – There's always something new to be found in Chinatown.  With so many Asian supermarkets and such an abundance of Chinese restaurants, the whole area is a culinary adventure in itself.  Head down Friday afternoon/evening and catch the Chinatown night market too: 4 -11pm every Friday, Dixon Street Mall.  Make sure you try the Prawn and Crab Takoyaki!

Extra Idea – when you want to stay in - okay so 6 ideas! If you're feeling like sampling something new, but don't want to leave the house, there's also some great takeaway options available these days and now you can find menus online.  Have an inspired feast without having to leave the house!

Of course, if you're after a new beverage, why not follow Erin's example and sample a great new cider!

Guest Post by Kate Anderson
Image: Prawn and Crab Takoyaki by Avlxyz


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