Cider Sunday - Crumpton Oaks - Farmhouse Dry

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend, the weather here in Sydney is just gorgeous.

This week's cider is Crumpton Oaks - Farmhouse Dry. Most ciders on the market at the moment are in glass bottles so when I saw this one I thought it would be an interesting choice.

As you can see this cider has a richer colour than last week's Herrljunga +46 apple cider. As the name suggests, it's flavour is dry with more beer-like characteristics. Yesterday we had a few people over for lunch to celebrate my Mum's birthday and one of them actually said it tasted like a light beer and was very refreshing. Perfect for the hot weather we have been experiencing here of late.

On yesterday's menu were marinated pork ribs and salad. Cider was the perfect accompaniment.

This cider hails from the UK, the apples are actually harvested from the Crumpton Oaks farm in Malvern and the cider is produced by Aston Manor Brewery Co in Birmingham. With 5% alcohol and a fairly large can (500ml), one of these is the equivalent of 2 standard drinks. So before you start downing several cans of this one, just be mindful - especially if you have to drive.

Overall, it is a nice cider, it has a more pronounced flavour than the +46 and for those of you who enjoy a light beer, this one is for you.

Max did it tough yesterday

Pete and I are heading out for a ferry trip later today, we are just going to hop on and see where we end up. What are you up to?

Crumpton Oaks - Farmhouse Dry Apple Cider
RRP $3.99 per can
$13.99 per pack of 4
$59.99 per case of 24.
Available @ Dan Murphy's and other good bottle shops.


  1. Yum, huge fan of cider :) Glad it's picking up in Syd!

  2. oh lord this is an awful 'cheap' Cider. If you like 'fizzy' ciders I recommend 'Strongbow' and 'Gaymers'. If you wish to try 'proper' cider, Scrumpy, then I highly recommend Weston's Old Rosie 7.5% ABV. It is uncarbonated, and the bottle and jugs still contain that beautiful sediment.


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