Chobani Yogurt

There's a new yogurt in town and it's name is Chobani.

Some of the several flavours available

The Company:
It is America's #1 selling yoghurt and it is now available here in Oz. It is made in the rolling hills of Central New York and was started by Hamdi Ulukaya who started his dairy business whilst actually trying to get away from it. After moving to the United States from Turkey, Hamdi enrolled in a Masters degree in Business in Albany and during his studies, couldn't help but notice how poor the quality of the yoghurt was at his local grocery store compared to that which he was used to back in Turkey.

After stumbling across a yoghurt plant that had been shut down by Kraft Foods in 2005, Hamdi bought it and enlisted the help of family friend and Master Yogurt Maker, Mustafa Dogan, who he brought out from Turkey to New York to help craft Chobani yoghurt.

As part of the company's 'Nothing But Good' philosophy, Chobani is committed to supporting local farmers surrounding it's production sites, including it's new Melbourne based plant in Dandendong. Chobani also give a portion of it's annual profits to charities worldwide through it's Shepherd's Gift Foundation, the company's charitable arm.

The Good:
What I love about it is that it has about twice the amount of protein than regular yoghurt which is great for breakfast as it keeps me feeling fuller longer. It also has five live active cultures and three probiotics which helps keep my stomach happy. I have a tub of Chobani for breakfast with some fresh fruit and it keeps me going until lunch.

Made using real fruit and wholesome milk, it is thick and creamy and its flavour rich and very moreish. If you like deli style yoghurt's then this one is definitely for you.

The yoghurt is made using only natural ingredients so you won't need to get out your dictionary or worry about what is lurking in your yoghurt. 100% natural! Yay!

It's certified Kosher and Gluten-Free.

The Bad:
For the moment you can only purchase this yoghurt in NSW. The company are hoping to expand this though so stay tuned.


  • Blueberry ( Fat Free)
  • Peach ( Fat Free)
  • Strawberry (Fat Free)
  • Vanilla ( Fat Free)
  • Mango ( 98% Fat Free)
  • Passion Fruit (98% Fat Free)
  • Pineapple ( 98% Fat Free)

The Price:
Chobani retails for $2.29/170g and is available at Woolworths' stores throughout NSW.

To find our more about Chobani yoghurt visit their website or join the other 350,000+ fans on their Facebook page by clicking here

Additional Fresh Blueberries added by me :)

The Food Mentalist received samples of Chobani yogurt to taste test and was under no obligation to blog about it - it was that GOOD it had to be shared :)


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