Bali in photos - part 1

Earlier this year Pete and I travelled to Bali for the very first time. Even though Pete is from Perth he had never been to Bali before and neither had I. To be honest, Bali had never featured on my holiday radar. A friend and work colleague was getting married and when Miss S. intially told me she would probably be getting married in Bali, I told her that her wedding would be the only thing that would get me there.

And so here we were in Bali for a wedding.

We arrived at (Ngurah Rai) Denpasar airport and travelled to Seminyak where we stayed for 3 nights at the gorgeous Wolas Villas.

The villas were a great place to stay, the staff and service were fantastic, the villa itself was very well appointed, clean and perfect for relaxing. You could easily stay and never leave.

We stayed in a one bedroom private pool villa...

The lounge and kitchen areas were open and the bedroom and bathroom were indoors.

For breakfast each day we had a choice of fresh juices and Indonesian or American style breakfast items, fresh fruit, tea or coffee. Breakfast could be enjoyed in the restaurant or in the privacy of our villa. We decided to 'eat in' each day.

Bali style DND sign out the front of each villa. I loved this little guy, you could turn the wooden tile over to reflect your privacy needs.

The grounds of the villas were just gorgeous and very peaceful...

As opposed to the busy streets of Seminyak.

How about some Absolut Vodka?

We settled for these instead at Buzz Cafe in Seminyak, which claims to have the best coffee in Bali. Since it was too hot for coffee, Pete had the lime and mint frappe and I chose watermelon. We loved the refreshing cool towels we received when we first sat down - a welcome relief from the heat.

 Next we hit the shops!

It wasn't too long before we decided to stop for lunch at the famous Made's Warung. 

I chose the Gado Gado which was absolutely delicious. I loved the rice cake and the peanut sauce. As I type this - I want some!

We also tried some pork satay sticks and they were really tasty. Tender with just the right amount of spice.

Pete opted for the Nasi Goreng combo and it too was really good but something in it was super spicy. It was Pete's first Bintang too and it definitely wasn't his last, hehe.

After lunch we hit the shops again and explored the streets of Seminyak before booking in for a massage, pedicure and manicure...Bliss!

Offerings scattered throughout the streets.

Loved this dog, he was gorgeous. I later found out that the dogs wearing red collars indicated that they are looked after and free of rabies. Not sure if that was true but I liked the story. Fortunately this dog was one of the best looking ones we saw in Bali. Many of them are malnourished and/or injured. Being an animal lover it was very hard to witness.

On to the wedding, the reason we wen't to Bali in the first place. It was held at Villa Pemutih in Pecatu with cliffs overlooking some gorgeous small beaches.

Stunning views out to the ocean.

These personalised love heart shaped lollipops made beautiful features on the tables. They tasted delicious and were strawberry flavoured.

An amazing sunset set the mood for the rest of the evening. Great location, a gorgeous happily married couple, fantastic food and cocktails and a perfect evening all round.

The next day, we departed Seminyak for our journey to Ubud - the arts and culture centre of Bali. 

Stay tuned for Bali in photos part 2 - Ubud.

Tell me, is Bali on your holiday radar?

The Wolas Villas Bali
Jalan Yudistira - Seminyak
Seminyak, Kuta 80361, Indonesia
(0)36 173 4218


  1. Wow, looks absolutely stunning and so relaxing!!!

    Bali isn't on our holiday radar. There are so many places on our must visit list. We went to the US last year for a holiday and had such a great time we want to go back there. I'd also absolutely love to go to France.

  2. *sigh* I just love Bali and seeing this post makes me want to go there for Christmas!

  3. That villa looks great. How relaxing it must have been. Love the wedding flowers too.

  4. Such a magical place to hold a wedding! Haven't been to Bali myself but seeing your images make me want to go there :)

  5. Jennifer, you absolutely must visit France. We absolutely loved it and want to live there. Check out my les de halles post from Lyon. Yum!
    Thanks everyone, it was a great trip x

  6. Looking forward to your part two.

    I'm just curious: Would you share your reasons why Bali is not on your holiday radar? Given the fact that Australian is the biggest segment of tourists in Bali.


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