My Sydney Bucket List

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House - Royal Botanical Gardens
The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson is a brilliant movie. If you haven't seen it watch the trailer here . Part drama, part comedy with some adventure thrown in for good measure, it explores the friendship of two men who meet whilst in hospital and endeavour to fulfill a their 'to-do' list before they pass.

The term 'bucket list' has since become a populist term symbolising any list of things or experiences you really want to tick off.

Spider - Royal Botanical Gardens
Sydney's Eastern Suburbs
Inspired by fellow Inner West Live blogger Plane Spotter of blog Stanmore & The City, I decided to write my own Sydney Bucket List.  As a prelude to their 'bucket list' Plane Spotter juxtaposes the energy and diversity of Sydney with the feeling that life here often feels 'out of balance'. I understand as sometimes this city can be crazy! But I guess that feeling is just 'part and parcel' of living in any major city. The traffic, the crowds, the pollution, the craziness! I think we all share this sentiment at times.

Sydney Light Rail
That said, I still believe it's the best city in the world and I absolutely love living here.

During the warmer months Sydney displays such a vibrancy and infectious energy. There are SO many festivals, markets, shows and the restaurant scene provides ample variety, it's virtually impossible to work your way through all the amazing establishments. Still, I am trying!

Centrepoint Tower 
So here is my ultimate Sydney Bucket List - some of which I have already completed. I'm sure I have forgotten to add some vital elements - so please feel free to make suggestions and tell me about your list.

A large majority of my list does centre around food - but of course!

Our first casual dining experience in Sydney together - Georges @ King St Wharf  2008

Here it is...

In no particular order.

1. Camping at Cockatoo Island
2. Dine at Tetsuyas
3. Bondi to Bronte walk
4. Ride a segway
5. Complete the Harbour Bridge climb
6. Stay & dine at Jonah's at Palm Beach
7. Spend a full day walking around all the little back streets in Balmain
8. Dine at Marque
9. Walk across the Anzac Bridge
10. Try the best ice cream or gelato Sydney has to offer ( suggestions please?)
11. Experience NYE on a boat on Sydney Harbour
12. Picnic in the Botanical Gardens with Pete
13.See a concert or show at Taronga Zoo
14. Attend a chocolate making class
15. Watch the sun rise over Bondi beach
16. Afternoon Tea at Gunners Barracks
17. Dine at Quay
18. Bike ride around Bicentennial Park and Newington Armory
19. Try the dumplings at Din Tai Fung
20. Visit every cheese shop in Sydney
21. Do a guided historical walking tour of The Rocks

Inside Sydney's Queen Victoria Building - QVB
Sunrise over Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Sydney's Luna Park

Tell me about your bucket list...


  1. Qauy is definitely on my bucket list as well, also to have breakfast at bills, have high tea at the Victoria Room and to complete the Western Sydney bike trail. Good list!

  2. Hi Erin,
    Quay is on my bucket list too. As is the RED tourist bus - we spend so much time visiting other places, we know so little about our own.

    We've done a picnic in the Botanical Gardens - I prepared lovely filled baguettes and that's what Mr broke his front tooth on, a crusty baguette. They are banned in our house now. :-/ I also conquered my vertigo and did the evening Bridge Climb recently, it was AMAZING!

    Gelato... Gelatomassi in Newtown and Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst / Casino seem to be the most popular?

  3. What a great list - I don't have a bucket list, but I do have an ever growing list of places to eat...

  4. What a fantastic idea. Living in Sydney we can be a little lazy about doing some of the wonderful things our city has to offer. Well I know I am. We share some common want to dos. Think I make a "bucket" list myself, just to get me motivated.

  5. You have inspired me to create my own bucket list! If you go to the zoo, make sure you see the bird show, it is awesome. Thanks for the great photos, I have fallen in love with my city all over again.

  6. I've always wanted to visit Sydney:)... my whole family has been there but me..!

  7. I love your list Erin! Great idea to do one now and it makes it that much more achievable (and hehe mine would be full of food too!) :)

  8. Erin, I posted a comment previously on your wonderful list, but it's not here!??

    Anyhoo, love it! The photos are beautiful and showcase Sydney as one of the greatest cities in the world! A picnic in the Botanical Gardens (with my Peter) is on my list too.

    Keep writing!


  9. Oops, before I forget... my bucket list is to visit as many wonderful markets, in Australia but overseas too, before I die.

    Arriving at a great market, I get that same giddy rush as when an F1 11 roars over my head. I love them!

    Mindil Beach Markets at Sunset is one I definitely want to see again. Then there's a beautiful market in Budapest... so much paprika and salami! LOL. And those floating markets in Vietnam or Thailand, how wonderful are they?

    Food, people. Atmosphere.

    Such simple things make you feel blessed to be alive.

  10. Sydney is so beautiful, and I never fail to smile when I see our Harbour.
    Your bucket list is a great idea! I also want to camp on Cockatoo Island, and I'd love to do the bridge climb.
    I think my biggest desire though is to see the NYE fireworks live - preferably on a boat though, I hate crowds ;)

  11. I wish I lived closer to Australia. It's on my bucket list to visit one day.

  12. How lovely! That picture of the girl running with the cliffs in the background... breathtaking! I've actually been to Sydney and I think I've been to that beach... it was several years ago so I can't remember exactly. I would love to go back!

  13. This is such a fantastic idea. Gelato; I think it's pretty hard to miss gelato messina in Darlinghurst. Am currently making a bucket list for our time left in London; eating at Petersham Nurseries and the River Cafe are currently high on it...

  14. Thanks Jasmyne :)
    Martyna, sorry to hear about Mr's tooth. Although the baguettes sound like a lovely idea to include in a picnic.Thanks for the gelato recommendation.
    Misspiggy - I had to only limit the list to only a few restaurants or the post would have been still going hehe.
    Sara - look forward to hearing what you include on your list :)
    Anna - such a lovely comment - thank you x
    blackbookkitchendiaries & Eva - I hope you both get to visit us soon
    Lorraine & Lizzy - thank you !
    Chanel - I always smile too when I visit our harbour - it's just so gorgeous, can't wait for the warmer weather so I can't visit it more often.
    Lindsay - that is one of my favourite pics, my husband Pete took it.Thanks.
    Tori - thanks for the tip, looking forward to hearing more about your bucket list for London :)

  15. It inspires me to think about what my bucket list should be!

    Cow and the Moon in Enmore - best Gelato in Sydney!

  16. I'm glad the mobile self storage pods are taking off, if things continue going well, I might be able to start on my own bucket list in no time soon!


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