A Quick Lunch @ Sydney Dumpling King - Burwood

I was lucky to have a few days off in the middle of last week to tend to a few errands and on this particular day I found myself in Burwood in Sydney's Inner West. Wanting a quick bite to eat, Mum who I was with suggested Sydney Dumpling King. I had visited this place once before a few years ago and given my re-discovered love of all things dumpling - I jumped at the chance to try it again. I had honestly forgotten it was there.

We were a little early for lunch as it was only 11:30am but already, there were a few people inside. Upon being seated we were brought a fresh pot of complementary hot Chinese tea which was a welcome relief from the chilly breeze outside. 

The menu has a large selection of dumplings which come in serves of 15. Alternatively, you can choose the half/half option and select two different choices which are served as 16 dumplings.

A bonus dumpling. Score!

To start we order the shallot pancake. Now, I don't claim to be a shallot pancake expert, having only ever tried the ones at New Shanghai in Ashfield but I must say that this one is really good. I much prefer this one as it is significantly bigger and jam packed full of tasty shallots. It is nice and crispy on the outside and has that slightly chewy and delicious texture in the middle. At $4.80 for 8 pieces you can't go wrong with this option as a starter to share. After we had placed the order I was happy to see a procession of them make their way from the kitchen to the other tables around us.

Shallot Pancake $4.80
We decide to share a serve of the half/half option (of course - not forgetting the bonus dumpling) and Mum opts for the fish and coriander dumplings and I select the pork and eggplant ones. 

Mixed Dumplings $11.90
The fish ones are a real treat and are full of white fish, coriander and a hint of ginger. The soy sauce and brown vinegar on the table compliment the flavours really well. 

Fish & Coriander Dumplings
The pork and eggplant ones are also very nice and are filled with a brown gravy of pork mince with a hint of star anise. I spot chunks of braised eggplant which I absolutely love. I am after all the official eggplant queen - if it's on a menu - I order it.

Pork & Eggplant Dumplings
We finish our dumpling feast very satisfied and at $8.30 each it was a great cheap lunch. By the time we were ready to leave there was hardly a spare table available. A good sign.

So if you are ever passing through Burwood and feel like getting your dumpling on, Sydney Dumpling Kitchen is a great and affordable choice.

Erin x

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  1. Yummmmmmmmmm dumplings! and I'm also the eggplant queen, or maybe I'm not allowed to share that role with you? hah. I love eggplants. Will have to share a few eggplant recipe's on my blog for you, it's used a lot in our middle eastern culture.
    Thanks for stopping by my website. Loving your cooking adventures xx

  2. I've always loved Chinese food and dumplings are my favorite too! I haven't tried that Shallot Pancake, though. What is it made of? Is it like those Korean pizzas/pancake?

  3. It's such a perfect time for dumplings. I crave dumplings after work. They're quick, hot, and comforting.

  4. Dumplings are a weakness of mine, the pork and eggplant ones look excellent.

  5. The shallot pancake looks ridiculously good! xo

  6. Farrah, I look forward to some of your eggplant recipes and I'm happy to share that title with you :)
    Lorraine, I know how you feel! I'm always craving them!
    Veronica its made with flour but its not as gooey as the Korean ones - which I also love btw!
    Adrian, I totally agree, they are the perfect after work ( or anytime) snack :)
    Sara: they were really great, hope you can try them one day.
    Katie - it was delicious! I'm craving one now for breakfast, hehe.

  7. Those two last photos are mean... I'm craving dumplings now, too!

  8. I've been once but I honestly didn't think the dumplings were that nice since the pastry was a bit thick leaving a mushy kind of taste in the mouth :( but the shallot pancake looks good!

  9. A little out of the way but if I do pass that way, I will make sure I hit up with some dumplings :)

  10. It is midnight and for some reason I could really go for some dumplings!

  11. Lateral eating - im always craving them hehe
    Vivian sorry to hear that you weren't a fan. Thanks for your feedback :)
    Penny,it is a little far for you :) do you have some great dumpling places in Melbourne that you could recommend ?
    Anna, wouldn't it be great if dumpling houses and yum cha were open into the early hours?


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