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Have you ever had one of those moments where someone asks you if you recognise something or someone expecting you to say "oh yes of course" yet you have absolutely no idea?

Well, enter the Hermes Birkin handbag.

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to win a surprise cake thanks to Wendy from Sydney food blog Obesebaby and Jessica Pedemont from Chocolate Artisan. Pedemont is a well established pastry chef, chocolatier and part of the Planet Cake 'Dream Team', not to mention a champion kick boxer!

Image Source: Planet Cake
This photo made the top ten finalists of the 2010 Shoot the Chef competition. Impressive huh?!

Ok, back to the Hermes Birkin... After arranging delivery over the phone the lovely Jessica kindly delivered the mystery cake. Instantly, I could see it was a gorgeous pink handbag but when Jessica asked me if I recognised it, I honestly had know idea.

Jessica informed me that you only have to type the name Hermes on the Internet and THIS bag will appear in the search. Named after singer Jane Birkin the bag is synonymous with wealth due to its exclusivity and high price - retailing from anywhere between $9,000 and $150,000 depending on the materials used.


So upon stumbling across these facts I felt rather chuffed to have this gorgeous edible version sitting on my table. I almost didn't want to cut it, well, that thought only lasted about 5 seconds after I discovered it was a filled with a rich truffle like chocolate mud cake with ganache.

check out the amazing detail!
The cake itself was absolutely stunning, Jessica had added such gorgeous detail which included makeup and a beautiful white and gold dusted flower. Everything was completely edible accept for a small ring attachment on the bag and two rings on the cake board.

The guys and girls at work thoroughly enjoyed this for morning tea, as did I.

Thanks again to Jessica and Wendy.

A truly stunning cake indeed! If only it had been real...


  1. Luv a good handbag...but the Hermes bag is really ridiculously priced....but as a cake...yes luv it !!!

  2. Wow, I'm so jealous that you won this! I'm absolutely clueless about handbags and designers, but I'd be proud to be seen with this bad boy on my arm ;) lol!

  3. I wouldn't have recognised it either, but I would have had a nervous giggle cutting into it!

  4. Ooh the Birkin is my dream bag! In blue jean please! Stunning bag. I made a LV Epi cake in a class held by Jessica.

  5. ok, heres what I would have done. Picked the cake up, taken it to the nearest car workshop and said "please spray this with fibreglass - 3 coats!" voila! new birkin! No one would ever know. And if one of your co-workers ask for a panadol, or a policeman asks to see your license - just whack them with the Birkin and run.

  6. Oh my word. That cake is out of this world. Are you telling me the lipstick and nail polish were edible too? Wow.

  7. Awesome cake! I saw a girl on the bus with a birkin and thought to myself - it must be fake cause if you could afford that bag surely you could afford to drive to work!

  8. Miss T, thats a brilliant idea! Thanks for making me laugh!
    Tori, totally edible. One of the nail polishes looked like an O.P.I - very cool!
    Ozgirl, wow I would have thought the same, a Birkin & public transport just don't add up! :)
    Cityhippygirl, I actually did!
    Glad to hear a few of you also didn't know what one was... I feel a little better about being so clueless, hehe

  9. Yikes! This is just awe inspiring – the details is incredible. Great prize! Bet you were tempted to walk down the street with it LOL

  10. wow! the detail is incredible :)

  11. This really was an artistic masterpiece-lucky you to have received it. Jessica does have some awesome talent, I would not have wanted to cut the cake either.

  12. Okay where are the cake cut pictures!!

    BTW if the bag hit me in the head I would have had no idea what it was and when explained, I would of said, what singer, err who is she??

    The cake looks awesome though :)

  13. Oh God! *gasp*
    This is worth a thousand, even a billion words!
    It's magnificent and I don't think I can afford to slice the cake into half or something. Good thing you took pictures first before eating it -- onmomnomnom!

    And yes, Hermes products are pretty expensive. Even the scarf is quite pricey! Well, nobody gets an Hermes cake, right?

  14. Oh my! This cake is just stunning! What a prize! It is ok, I wouldn't have known anything other than it was a gorgeous cake!

  15. OMG!!!! How could eat this stunning cake? LOL.. I love it!

  16. Gosh I'm loving the Birkin! It's like the ultimate handbag to show that you've made it lol

    Check out the one that Jess made for me :) Congratulations by the way!

  17. I can't believe it's a cake - it looks so realistic! I must admit while I know about the birkin I got all my education from SATC he he. I wouldn't know whether to eat it or sling it over my shoulder and pretend it's the real thing.

  18. I could see it was a attractive blush backpack but if Jessica asked me if I recognised it, I candidly had apperceive idea.

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