Eggy Crumpets with Bacon & Maple Syrup

It was Sunday.

I had just woken up.

I picked up my iPhone, checked my email, Twitter, Facebook and read the news.

I was hungry.

After being away, the fridge was pretty much empty. I opened it and found we had a few crumpets, a few scraps of bacon left from earlier in the week and 2 eggs. We always have maple syrup so breakfast was pretty much sorted.

I whisked the two eggs with a little milk, dunked in the two crumpets and fried it all up.

Yep, in the same pan!


This is one of my favourite dishes. I absolutely love french toast and I first had these yummies at a cafe in Glebe about 2 years ago with Pete and ever since it has become one of my weekend favourites. I love that the crumpets are nice, light and eggy, the bacon provides the salty element and the maple syrup provides the sweet. A perfect combination.


The perfect Sunday breakfast when you want something easy, quick and don't feel like making pancakes.

Tell me, what is your favourite Sunday breakfast?


  1. yum, this sounds so good! i love french toast made by my hubby of course with strawberries and natural yoghurt.

  2. This is great isn't it?! Jamie Oliver has a recipe and I've made it before for my man. Crumpets are such winter food. yum. Pancakes are my go to for sunday :) but i think we're going out this sunday!
    Heidi xo

  3. I can never figure out what my favourite breakfast is! I think I'll have to try these now...
    And that's pretty much exactly the same as what I do with my phone too, haha!

  4. Sounds great!
    We just had mashed sweet potato, which had been left over from a dinner during the week it was sliced skin and all, baked in the oven in olive oil plus a few pieces of chopped rosemary. Added to which there was some onion gravy from the next night all mashed and heated in the micro wave and enjoyed on toasted Burgen's Women's Well Being bread. Warming on a cold winter morning! Left overs are my favourite!

  5. I had these recently at Clipper Cafe in Glebe and then I was so smitten I just had to make them for my blog. They're so easy and I can't believe I never thought of the idea before!

  6. Thanks everyone x they really are divine! Lorraine I too first tried them at Clipper Cafe in Glebe it is one of our favourite haunts. Everything they do is so very well done and I love the vintage vibe :)


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