The Imp Cafe - Perth

"Can we pleeeeeease visit the Imp when we go back to Perth"? I ask Pete before we leave home. We were on a very tight schedule and it was going to be tough. Fly in on Thursday night and back home on the Sunday.

The Imp is a funky little cafe tucked in amongst a group of shops and restaurants on Albany Highway in East Victoria Park, Perth. Pete and I first discovered it a few years ago whilst on one of our regular trips to Perth and it remains one of our favourite places to visit when we visit the West. It can be best described in six words: Great Coffee, Great Food, Great Service! This cafe has it all, and that's why we love it so much.

We arrive and its a little late for breakfast and a little too early for lunch and its still busy. We manage to snag a table inside and the friendly waitress comes over and greets us with two breakfast menus and asks if we would like to order some drinks to start. Pete orders a cappuccino and I decide on a freshly squeezed OJ.   I then peruse the menu and the first thing I notice is the Fruit Loops! Yum. "Pete do you mind if I have a bowl"? I then add "with skim of course!"  I get this weird look and so I decide to pick something a little more 'my age'.

Breakfast Menu - Imp

We order a short time later and Pete is a little disappointed that the 'Hangover' roll is no longer on the menu so he chooses the Brekkie Roll instead. It comes with bacon,eggs, fried onions, spinach and house made barbecue sauce. Forgoing the Fruit Loops I find it hard to choose between the Cinnamon French Toast with Maple Syrup & bacon and the Wild Mushrooms with Turkish Bread & Persian Feta. I decide on the latter.

Whilst we are waiting I attach myself to the glass display cabinet which always tempts me with a variety of sweet and sticky delights.

Today it is jammed packed with the following ( all individual serves ):

  • Rhubarb & Custard Crumbles
  • Chocolate Cheesecakes
  • Sticky Date - served in teacups with a very generous dollop of butterscotch fudge sauce
  • Orange Syrup Polenta Cakes
  • Wholemeal Pear & Yoghurt Muffins
  • Granola Bars - Wrapped in cute little newspaper print type paper with a piece of twine ( super cute!)
  • Mini Carrot Cakes
  • Chocolate Fudge Cakes
  • Raspberry Coconut Cakes

I detach myself from the display cabinet and sulk back to my seat wondering why delicious sticky delights and putting on weight tend to go hand in hand. If I could I would try one of each as I know they would all be good. I return to my seat and ask the waitress for some water. She directs me to a self serve water bar. I head over and notice the decorated wall leading to the kitchen where I am positive I can smell my mushrooms wafting up the hall.

Looking for something to see and do later? check out the wall

 I then decide to check out the rest of the cafe and take a quick trip to the bathroom.

Love the little horns!

I enter become instantly intrigued by the wall panel in the bathroom.

The super cool bathroom @ Imp Cafe

I head to back to our table via the water station and am delighted to find a large array of sauces and condiments. I grab two glasses of water and head back to our table. Our drinks have arrived.

Cappuccino, $3.90
The Imp serves Fiori coffee, a West Australian coffee roaster, and its GOOD! and they serve it with La Perruche sugar cubes from France, which is always a nice touch. Pete's coffee is hot and not bitter at all, he literally inhales it and orders another. My juice is nice, its sweet and cold which I really like as there is nothing worse than a warm freshly squeezed juice. It does happen, trust me!

Freshly squeezed orange juice, $5.60

It's not long before our meals arrive. Yum!

Wild Mushrooms with Turkish bread and Persian feta, $13.00
Brekkie Roll - bacon, eggs, fried onions, spinach and house made BBQ sauce, $14.00

Pete's Brekkie roll looks great. I try a little piece and the eggs are perfectly cooked, the onions add a nice sweetness to the roll and the flavours work really well. The house made BBQ sauce is just gorgeous!

My mushrooms are hot, buttery and are well seasoned. There is also just the right amount of Persian feta to complement them. I find there are three types of mushroom on the plate - enoki, Swiss brown and button mushrooms.

Yep, they've done it again! Another perfect meal at the Imp. That's one of the reasons we love it here so much, they manage to combine simple fresh  ingredients really well. The flavours  just work!

The Imp also has great lunch menu and a tapas style menu which starts at 1pm. Their menu changes from time to time, but if you are there for lunch and its available try the Calamari & Salad - cauliflower dusted calamari, lettuce, soused onions and Parmesan salad - it's delightful! 

The Imp is also a BYO venue so if you decide to visit them for dinner you can purchase a bottle of wine a few doors down. Perfect!

Pete's second coffee - Latte , $3.90
As we leave I can't help but pay particular attention to the tea pots and the cute tea cosies. I ask the owner behind the counter about them and he tells me they are available to be purchased. He also lines them up nicely for my photo. Sweet! They remind me of being at Nan's place. Love it! 

The sign doesn't lie!
Being so close to the glass display cabinet again is not a good idea as Pete has to pry me off it. We are on a bit of a health kick at the moment so with this is mind we both decide we will share one of the delights and choose the wholemeal pear and yoghurt muffin, it sounds healthy right?. We ask to have it take away.

Our take away delight
Wholemeal Pear & Yoghurt Muffin
Later the same day we try the muffin and it is so moist and delicious! only that it was described as wholemeal, I would swear it was almond meal. It is slightly nutty and my only regret is that we didn't buy two! 

The Imp Cafe
The Imp Cafe is a quirky little place, and it's our best kept secrets in the West (Well,  up until now!). Its perfect for a quick coffee and sweet sticky delight and definitely worth making the trip to enjoy a delicious meal! 

Sydney could do with an Imp!

The Imp Cafe
863 Albany Hwy,
East Victoria Park
Perth, WA

Tel: (08) 9361-2600

Monday - Sunday 
7am - 10pm

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  1. laura here erin. yummo, that brekkie roll looks delicious! i can't wait to eat runny eggs again!

  2. Hehe we do need one! But I need one of those little girl with devil horns cutouts for Halloween! I'm in love!

  3. This is a good place to visit. I like what they did with the wall. Sometimes when you're waiting for something you just need to look at something interesting. I'm thinking that this is somewhere near the lavatory.

  4. Thanks for the blog post! Always nice to hear good feedback and we'd love to have you back anytime. Cheers, The Imp

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  6. Thank you for your informative blog on the Imp. My husband had always wanted to go for brekky there, I think I should drag him there now. No more waiting!


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