Kiwi Apple Cider Fizz

For this 'outdoor' inspired challenge I chose a refreshing drink which is quick, easy and tastes delicious. Oh, and did I mention it is best served whilst enjoying the afternoon sun outdoors? 

Lately, Sydney's weather hasn't been very conducive to enjoying the outdoors, however I live in hope that we will have a few more warmish evenings before the end of this month when daylight saving ends.

The 'cookbook' I chose for this challenge is 'Drinks' by Marie Claire. I chose this recipe book as I really don't use it enough and it is jam packed full of wonderful and exotic drink recipes, some of which include cashew date milk, raspberry coconut cream shake and liquorice, spearmint and basil wake-me-up's.Yum!

I absolutely adore alcoholic apple cider and over the last year or so we have seen quite an array of different ciders enter the Australian market. One of my favourites is Three Kings Cider from Victoria . It contains 100% apples and markets itself as a premium cider. Another one that I really like is Mercury Cider made by the Cascade Brewery in Tasmania.

For this recipe you can use any type of cider (even pear) and it gives you the perfect excuse to branch out and try a new one. Most bottle shops including Dan Murphy's carry a fairly decent range.

You can also make this for the kids, using a non-alcoholic cider of course.

I was only making this for one ( Me!) so I halved the ingredients below. 

Kiwi Apple Cider Fizz 

( Did I mention this is SUPER easy too?)


2 Kiwi Fruit
Juice of 1 Lime
750ml ( sparkling apple cider)  ( or 1 standard 330ml per person will suffice)


1. Peel the kiwi fruit, slice finely and split between 2 glasses

Slice finely and ignore my uneven slices 
Place kiwi slices in glasses

2. Combine the lime juice and cider and pour over the kiwi fruit ( I added the lime juice to the glass then poured in the cider)

Juice some limes and add to the glass with the kiwi
Top with chosen cider
3. Serve immediately

4. Easy, Enjoy!

Tell me, do you have a favourite apple cider?


  1. I was going to have kiwi fruit tonight after dinner but just happened to have a small bottle of cider and followed your recipe.. Superb!!

  2. "Super easy" is my kind of recipe! I'm one of those boring people who actually prefers sparkling water to flavoured drinks, but I do love a good tangy creation. Therefore this actually sounds lovely!!

  3. That looks like a big glass of refreshing! :D


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