Food Resolutions & Skinny Jeans

These last few months have been crazy! Pete and I have been FLAT OUT and there's never enough hours in the day.Sometimes you just have to STOP….. and breathe.I read that celebrity chef and bestselling author Anthony Bourdain's new year's 'food' resolution was to learn how to make pasta from scratch, what the! Bourdain can't make pasta? There's hope for me yet :)
Pasta and I have shared a long and healthy (or perhaps I should say unhealthy) love affair for years now and reading about Bourdain's food resolution got me thinking.What was my food resolution going to be for this year? One thing is for sure, I want to fit back into my skinny jeans! Doesn't everyone? Well this year it's going to happen. Well,I hope it happens…..ARGH! I bought these really nice jeans a little over a year ago when I was a few kilos lighter, they weren't cheap (are any these days?) and so I now have a goal. But how to go about it? Well, my volatile relationship with pasta would have to change quick smart. No more inhaling a bowl of pasta just because I'm hungry! It's going to take effort and more than a pasta intervention, but it's a start.Sorry pasta it's over! I can only see you occasionally, let's make it platonic?, I'll call you I promise.
Isn't it funny how we all make these resolutions but too often find it so hard to stick to them? Do you have a food resolution for 2011? It could be anything. Perhaps you want to compost more, eat more fresh food, take more vitamins, introduce a new superfood to your diet, sit down at the table to eat, or like Bourdain, learn something new or perfect a dish in the kitchen. If you have made a food resolution, good luck, I'm with you.

Here goes! 

Tell me your food resolution for this year.


  1. Wow, I'm amazed that he hasn't mastered pasta! :o I always figured most chefs have done it. But it's great that he is getting to it this year. I don't know what mine is...yet! :P

  2. I think mine is to do some different meals not the same ones that I always do like and to start using the slow cooker more often. I bought a big one a few years ago and its still in the box!!


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