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The British take there Sunday Roasts quite seriously. The tradition is said to have started because bakers did not bake bread on a Sunday and would therefore use their ovens for roasting meat. Thank you bakers!
Australia has also adopted this wonderful tradition, many of us very familiar with the tradition of the family Sunday Roast. I told Mr D that when we came to visit we just HAD to partake in the tradition of an English Sunday Roast. He agreed.

Sunday arrived! Jet lagged and hungry we rugged up and caught the train from London to Cambridge. We actually had to change to a bus from Royston as the trains between Royston and Cambridge were out of action on this particular day. A regular weekend occurrence according to Mr D. We didn't care though, it was part of the adventure.

Upon arriving in Cambridge, I fell in love. Cambridge is absolutely gorgeous! We meandered around the streets and found the house that Pete had holidayed in as a child and then head for the River Cam where you can hire a punt (similar to a Venetian gondola with the curve removed). 

    Punts on the River Cam, Cambridge ( Picture: The Food Mentalist)

We chose not to hire one, favouring a wander around the many interesting streets instead, the place has a certain buzz about it. Almost magical. Besides, our stomachs were rumbling! A Sunday Roast was to be had!

Sunday Roast at The Eagle ( Picture: The Food Mentalist)

Mr D informed us that The Eagle was the best place to have a Sunday Roast, so off we marched. 'Toward Eagle!' I said as I marched ahead guided by my grumbling stomach. The Eagle pub first opened in 1667 and has a main bar, beer garden and a Royal Air Force (RAF) bar at the rear of the pub whose ceilings and walls are still covered in graffiti of WWII airmen, awe-inspiring stuff indeed.

We ordered at the bar and Pete & Mr D also ordered a pint. I had a cider, a beverage I have really become accustomed to. I chose a lamb roast, consisting of slices of roasted lamb, roast potatoes and turnips, baby carrots, peas , cabbage and accompaniments including Yorkshire pudding, gravy and mint jelly.  I think the boys had the same but to be honest I was so fixated on mine that I forgot to take pictures of what they had. Whoops!  It was just what we had been hoping for and was totally scrumptious! By the way, my first real Yorkshire pudding was delightful and full of buttery goodness.

Lamb Roast @ The Eagle ( Picture: The Food Mentalist)
After we finished lunch we walked around the markets and grabbed a few stinky cheeses, a bread stick and a few bottles of wine to take home. I told the guys I would catch up with them in a bit as I had seen something that had caught my eye before lunch. Pete always worries when I say this as I usually come back with several shopping bags and new food products that he always ends up having to carry home for me.

I entered the Fudge Kitchen and I was instantly transported to a sugary heaven. A sweet smell wafted through the shop as they had just made a fresh batch of vintage vanilla fudge. I joined the line and couldn’t help but notice how many different fudge varieties were behind the display counter. What to choose? I wondered if Pete would mind if I lugged a small suitcase of fudge back to Sydney with me. I decided to be good and just buy two flavours but the guy behind the counter upsold me to their four pack variety special. I couldn’t resist! How can one be ‘good’ when it comes to fudge?!  Before I knew it I had left the store with four slabs of fudge: vintage vanilla, traditional toffee, Belgium chocolate swirl and caramel (Did I mention I LOVE caramel?).

I rejoined Pete and Mr D and we managed to squeeze in a little more shopping before Mr D suggested a walk around  ‘The Backs’. This term refers to the backs of several colleges of The University of Cambridge which back onto the River Cam. This area is so pretty, with beautiful gardens and the stunning architecture and history of the colleges to explore. I’m so glad Mr D suggested it.

This reminded me of 'The Secret Garden'- The Backs, Cambridge ( Picture: The Food Mentalist)

The River Cam, The Backs - Cambridge ( Picture: The Food Mentalist)

After a walk and a few holiday snaps, it was nearly time to head for home so we set off for the station. I was a little sad to leave Cambridge and promised I would be back. It’s a must on anyone’s itinerary when visiting the UK. Just make sure you stop in at The Eagle to enjoy a Sunday Roast!

Please leave a comment below and share your favourite roast recipe or accompaniment.

Erin x


  1. Ive just read your latest blog,... Its fabulous... now i want to a) visit the UK again and travel to Cambridge, b) Go to The Eagle for one of their marvellous looking Sunday Roasts, and c) get to the store to pick up the ingredients to cook a Sunday Roast for lunch tomorrow, being Sunday and all... great blog ... you write extremely well..

  2. Great experience that has been wonderful told. You really do right fantastically.

  3. It looks absolutely wonderful there! And I had no idea that's how Sunday roasts started-you learn something new every day! :D

  4. Oh, I'm so envious of you exploring England when the weather was lovely! I went for the first time this time last year, and it was grey, grey, grey... Clearly, I should've fortified myself against the cold with more roasts like this, and a visit to the wonderment of Fudge Kitchen!

  5. oh wow what a lovely post! i cant wait to visit later this year!

  6. Hiiiiii what a fabulous blog!!! I want to visit for a Sunday roast right nowwww....Ive posted a link of this blog to my page....I hope you dont mind....if you do pls let me know and I will take it down :) x

  7. Erin @The Food MentalistFebruary 11, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    Hi MFG,

    Thank you so much, happy for you to link the story to your blog , Thanks :)


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